2021 Yamato Film, Bandai Namco Entertainment Festival 2. Delayed due to COVID-19 – News

The official website for the Star Blazers: Yamato 2202 Battleship Anime announced this on Friday “Uchū Senkan Yamato” to Iu Jidai: Seireki 2202-nen no Sentaku (That “Battleship Yamato“Era: The Choice in 2202), the compilation film for the Star Blazers: Yamato 2199 Battleship and Star Blazers: Yamato 2202 Battleship anime, has been delayed due to the spread of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and the declaration of a new state of emergency in Tokyo and neighboring prefectures. The film was scheduled to open in Japan on January 15th.

The film’s special Blu-ray Disc edition, also slated for release on January 15, and digital release are similarly delayed. The website will announce the film’s new theatrical and home video release dates as soon as they are determined. The website states that the Movi-Tick Cards already purchased can be used for the postponed performances. In addition, stage greetings and live viewing events scheduled for January 14 and 16 have been cancelled. People who bought tickets for these events will receive a refund.

Bandai Namco Entertainment announced on Friday that the Bandai Namco Entertainment The 2nd concert event of the festival has been postponed due to COVID-19 and the declaration of a state of emergency. The event was scheduled to take place from February 6th to 7th and would have featured artists from That [email protected]stories of, Aikatsu!, gundam, Love life!, “and more” franchise.

The official website will announce the new schedule and details as soon as they are decided. Event staff will advise customers who have purchased tickets on how to transfer their ticket to the postponed event or receive a refund. If the event is cancelled, all customers will receive refunds.

In response to the high rate of new infections with the new coronavirus (COVID-19), the Japanese government declared a state of emergency in Tokyo and the neighboring prefectures of Saitama, Kanagawa and Chiba on Thursday. The state of emergency is in effect from Friday January 8th to Sunday February 7th.

Japan on Friday reported 7,841 new cases of COVID-19, the fourth straight day at an all-time daily high. Tokyo alone reported 2,392 new cases of COVID-19 on Friday, the second-highest daily number after 2,447 on Thursday. Tokyo also reported a record 129 people critically ill with COVID-19, for the third straight day with an all-time daily high.

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