Budapest is one of the cheapest cities in Europe in 2022!

The Price of Travel platform has selected the 10 cheapest cities of 2022, and Budapest has been included in the Europe Backpacker Index list. Budapest is not only cheap but also a great place to explore. Read our article and find out why Hungary’s capital is worth visiting.

According to the Backpacker Index, Budapest is the second cheapest city this year. The first place belongs to Bucharest, the capital of Romania, and the Bulgarian city of Sofia takes the third place.

Budapest is the second cheapest city

Even though Budapest is on the list of the cheapest cities, that doesn’t automatically mean that it’s an inferior city. Regarding the capital of Romania, the portal says the old town is “undoubtedly charming”, but the rest of the city is not very attractive to tourists.

On the other hand, Budapest is a world-class tourist city that also happens to be unusually cheap.

While it can get expensive downtown, more affordable hotels and hostels await guests further afield. There are also beautiful castles, cathedrals and thermal baths at a good price.

The Daily Backpacker Index of Budapest is 10,761 HUF = 28.25 USD = 26.91 EUR/day.

Here is some useful information about Budapest:

  • Currency: Hungarian Forint
  • Best Cheap Hostel: Avenue Hostel – 3,177 HUF = 7.95 EUR/night
  • Transport: 350-1500-1650-4150 HUF = 0.88-3.75-4.13-10.35 EUR
  • According to, it costs about 25-50 USD = 23.8-47.64 EUR/day to visit Budapest comfortably.
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Tourist season in Budapest

According to Csaba Baldauf from the Hungarian Hotel and Restaurant Association, a good season is expected. Budapest is preparing for overcrowded hotels that offer up to 75 percent occupancy with internationally outstanding value for money. – reports

Tourist attractions also attract interest, and Budapest is full of options when it comes to famous buildings, historical sights or inexpensive entertainment.


For example, a walk in the beautiful parks like Városliget is free. There is the newly opened Zene Háza (House of Music) or Millenium Háza (House of the Millennium). You can admire the statues on Heroes’ Square or take photos of the majestic Vajdahunyad Castle.

Varosliget Budapest

Varosliget, Budapest. Photo: Facebook, Városligeti Műjégpálya and Csónakázótó

Heroes Square

Heroes Square, Budapest. Photo:

The Castle District

Just like Városliget, the Castle District is free for everyone. Of course, a cup of coffee wouldn’t be cheap, but the view from Buda Castle is free – and still priceless.

The most visited square is Szentháromság tér, where stands one of the characteristic buildings of Budapest, the more than 700-year-old Matthias Church.

Buda Castle

Buda Castle. Photo: Facebook, Budai Var

thermal baths

Although the thermal baths and spas are not free, they are still considered quite cheap in Europe.

The day pass for the Gellért thermal bath costs 7100 HUF = 17.76 EUR, the Rudas thermal bath can be visited for 6500 HUF = 16.26 EUR and the Palatinus bath on Margaret Island costs only 3600 HUF = 9 EUR.

Gellért thermal baths

Gellért Thermal Baths, Budapest. Photo: Facebook, Szt. Gellért Gyógyfürdő

Ruda's thermal baths

Rudas Thermal Baths, Budapest. Photo: Facebook, Rudas Gyógyfürdő

Palatinus bath

Palatinusbad, Margaret Island. Photo: Facebook, Palatinus Gyógy-, Strand – és Hullámfürdő Hivatalos

Budapest Tourism Danube
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