10 Disney Characters You Forgot Were Married

From classic pairings like Snow White and her Prince Charming to more recent partnerships like Gadget and Zipper of the Rescue Rangers, Disney has more than its fair share of iconic couples. From romantic royals to dear friends discovering deeper feelings, there’s no shortage of adorable and heartwarming love stories under the studio’s name.

That being said, many of their most famous characters aren’t just sweethearts anymore. Some iconic and well-known Disney stars have even tied the knot and have been happily married for some time. With so many movies in her library, it’s easy to forget who’s with who.

Aladdin and Jasmine

Princess Jasmine and Aladdin's Wedding

The original Aladdin was an icon of the Disney Renaissance and a centerpiece of the ’90s. That’s to be expected, of course, with Robin Williams voicing one of the lead roles. But as many fans experienced a whole new world with Aladdin and Jasmine, some modern day fans forget that the couple was canonically married in a direct-to-video sequel.

There’s a certain stigma surrounding the Disney sequels, though Aladdin and the King of Thieves is probably one of the better ones. Aladdin and Jasmine are having a narrative arc about their wedding when it is interrupted by the appearance of The Forty Thieves and Aladdin’s long-lost father. Add in a quest for the Hand of Midas and a soundtrack by Alan Menken and it’s an underrated Disney gem.


“Darling, where’s my super suit?” is a quote that many couples have most likely used as a playful banter in their relationships, but it’s often overshadowed that Frozone isn’t just calling out for a significant other, but for his wife. Although she doesn’t physically appear in the Unbelievable Movies, Honey Best appears in some Pixar concept art.

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Since the only place she’s associated with in canon is that single line, the Honey Best name is all but obscure to mainstream fans. Given the demand for the second The Incredibles film, perhaps a third could feature Frozone and his wife in more prominent roles.

Fix-It Felix and Commander Calhoun

Felix and Calhoun share a wedding kiss in Wreck-It Ralph

Much like Aladdin and Jasmine’s arrangement, Fix-It Felix and Commander Calhoun had an entire feature film to expand their married life, but it tends to be overlooked because it’s a sequel. Given that the two are married at the very end of the original Destroy it Ralph Just before the credits roll, it’s understandable how this information can be forgotten.

Felix and Calhoun are a great example of a romantic odd couple. Where one is sweet, perky, and upbeat, the other is gruff, strong, and methodical. The fact that their gender roles associated with these traits are also reversed is both a charming and comedic touch.

Mrs. Potts and Cogsworth

Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts as seen in the Beauty and the Beast remake

Although their live-action Disney remake polarized fans to a certain extent, one thing the film succeeded in was expanding the characters’ lore and the central plot of the story as old as time. The enchanted objects weren’t just servants when they fell under the Sorceress’s spell, they were people with friends, families, and even spouses.

At the end of the film, it turns out that not only is there a Mr. Potts in the picture, but one of the angry villagers in the mob was once married to Cogsworth. The reunion of the two couples symbolizes that the spell affected not only those in the castle but also those around, and shows how much the prince’s greed and vanity hurt those around him.

Pongo and Perdita

On the one hand, Pongo and Perdita are pet Dalmatians and they are not bound by the same constructs and social laws as their human counterparts. On the other hand, the way they are framed and presented in the scene of their owners saying yes in the cathedral is too perfect not to be considered a genuine article.

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Yes, it is an artistic choice to position the two dogs together to reflect their owners’ act of marriage. However, the fact that the filmmakers went so far as to paint such a literal picture to complement their romantic intent means that the Dalmatians are married in more than a symbolic sense.

Milo and Kida

Kida and Milo in Atlantis

Milo Thatch and Kida form one of Disney’s most realistic romantic couples, but their marriage will be somewhat overlooked as their film comes to an end. That’s not due to a lack of effort, however, it’s simply because their relationship is handled more slowly and subtly than other Disney pairings.

They have great chemistry even after they first met. And after their adventure ends, the only sign of true affection between them is a halt as the King’s Mask rises to join the heart of Atlantis. While Kida takes her father’s place on the throne, Milo reigns right beside her in an advisory capacity.

Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder

Flynn and Rapunzel are married in Tangled Ever After

While it’s obvious that the couple is actually a married couple, given that they even received a short film about the literal wedding ceremony, this could be swept under the rug because the couple has just done so much since their film premiered. With a feature film, a short starring Maximus and Pascal, and an entire animated series of adventures under their respective belts, it’s easy to forget they’re officially husband and wife.

That being said, Flynn and Rapunzel still have the same energy they’ve had since arriving in the Kingdom of Corona, and that doesn’t change in their media.

Mickey and Minnie (sort of)

Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse

Mickey and Minnie are without a doubt the most recognizable couple in all of Disney, if not all of animated media. However, they were never canonically married or made 100% official, at least not in the script. In the eyes of its creator, Walt Disney, this matter was already resolved in 1933.

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In an interview with Walt himself, it was said that Mickey and Minnie have been married for at least 89 years. They’ve always been a couple on and off screen, and that’s how the studio has kept it for decades.

Jack and Sally

Sally and Jack Skellington - The Nightmare Before Christmas

Things start to get a little more complicated for Jack and Sally. Despite this, they are actually married in canon The nightmare before Christmas. When viewers last see the Halloween Town power couple, they exchange a kiss at the top of the curly-haired hilltop as Zero takes the camera off-camera and into the sky. But the story doesn’t end here.

Those who have listened to the official soundtrack will know that the opening narration is read by Sir Patrick Stewart rather than Ed Ivory, but it is also accompanied by an epilogue in which Santa Clause sees Jack again years later. It’s implied that Jack and Sally now have a family “with four or five skeleton kids on hand.” It’s certainly an ending that deserves to be animated.


A sad but true fact that even the most die-hard Disney fans often forget is that Goofy isn’t just a single father, he’s a widower. At least it seems so. For Max to exist, there must have been a Mrs. Goofy at some point. However, the answer still remains unclear.

There is much speculation as to what happened to Goofy’s wife and Max’s mother, but there is no definitive answer. What is known is that the Dippy Dawg’s backstory may be more complex than most fans give it credit for.

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