Charlotte reveals her favorite sport on a memorable day at the Commonwealth Games

Princess Charlotte enjoyed a memorable day at the Commonwealth Games raising her arms in the air while watching her favorite gymnastics sport.

Charlotte made a rare public solo appearance with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who took her daughter to sporting venues in the host city of Birmingham and to an official event unveiling a program to support the next generation of athletes.

The young queen was pictured with various facial expressions – even sticking out her tongue – as she enjoyed swim runs, a hockey game and, at the end of her day, artistic gymnastics.

Seven-year-old Charlotte was described as “charming” by SportsAid chief executive Tim Lawler, who hosted the royal visit to Birmingham University, where the royals learned about the Team England Futures initiative.

She seemed curious about her surroundings and the people around her on campus and a little concerned at times, but received a reassuring arm around her shoulder from William or a word in her ear and held Kate’s hand at other moments.

The young princess revealed that gymnastics is her favorite sport and took part in a nutrition workshop, where she helped her parents put pictures of foods like nuts, bread and grapes into the right groups, whether they were protein, carbohydrates, antioxidants or healthy fats .

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their daughter Princess Charlotte of Cambridge as they watch gymnastics at the Arena Birmingham during day five of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham 2022The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their daughter Princess Charlotte perform gymnastics at the Arena Birmingham (David Davies/PA)

At one point, Charlotte was asked to update a Team England medal table, adding a bronze won in the men’s team table tennis event and a silver medal from the Lawn Bowls men’s pairs.

Mr Lawler, whose organization SportsAid is a partner organization of Team England Futures, said: “I noticed that the Duke and Duchess when we tried to get Charlotte into the talks – we were very aware of that and it really was it quite obviously the duke and duchess were doing this to involve them and reassure them.

“She was charming, very willing to put the medals on the medal board, and she asked the right question, which was ‘Where exactly do I put this?’ It was expired and she checked it.

“She really loved watching the swim, but she’s interested in gymnastics, and while they try a lot of different sports at home, I understood, when I asked her about sports, she answered very simply and said, ‘I’m gymnastics how’.”

When the Cambridges arrived they met senior sports executives and Kate turned to her daughter and said: “You liked swimming, didn’t you?” and Charlotte nodded.

Princess Charlotte sticks a medal on the medals wall, watched by her parents, the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke of Cambridge, during a visit to SportsAid House at the 2022 Commonwealth GamesPrincess Charlotte pastes a medal on the medals wall watched by her parents during a visit to SportsAid House (Chris Jackson/PA).

The princess, in her pigtails and a sleeveless sundress and sandals, stood with her hands behind her back and looked around, and moments later William put an arm around her shoulders.

The Team England Futures program is a partnership between SportsAid – which supports Kate as Patron – Sport England and Commonwealth Games England, which supports the development of promising athletes and aspiring coaches, giving them the opportunity to attend the Games and get a peek behind the scenes to throw.

Ahead of the Games, the rising sports stars benefited from online learning covering a wide range of topics and mentoring from experienced athletes.

Charlotte sat between her parents as they chatted to two powerlifters, Tom Smith and Lottie McGuinness, who were joined by experienced competitors.

Speaking of the Games, Ms McGuinness said: “The atmosphere is amazing, everyone is meeting everyone.”

Princess Charlotte and the Duchess of Cambridge take part in an interactive learning experience during a visit to SportsAid House at the 2022 Commonwealth Games and the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham Princess Charlotte and the Duchess of Cambridge take part in an interactive learning experience (Chris Jackson/PA)

Nutritionist Jenny Tschiesche gave the Cambridges and their daughter a nutritional challenge, saying afterwards: “They did really well and so did Charlotte, she took the picture of the chicken and put it in the protein section and she did the same thing with the beans.” .”

The couple also watched as beach volleyball players Joaquin and Javier Bello pedaled on exercise bikes to power fruit-filled blenders – a device that combined the competitive nature of athletes and their interest in nutrition.

Charlotte and her parents were advised to cover their ears while the brothers pedaled the bikes to make smoothies, and Kate did so briefly, but her daughter kept her ears covered the entire time.

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