Iron Man roller skate to safety

Throughout the Marvel Universe, comic book fans have seen a plethora of weird and unique gadgets invented by Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. While some have proven incredibly useful to the Armored Avenger, others are quickly thrown on the back burner and forgotten. in the Ironman #20 (directed by Christopher Cantwell, Angel Unzueta and Frank D’Armata), Iron Man finds himself battling new villain Chet the Gorilla using one of these “forgotten” devices.

Tony Stark has invited Chet the Gorilla, Empire States University’s Advanced Zoological Experiment, to test the capabilities of the 5150 Holographic AI by challenging the obscenely intelligent gorilla to a game of chess. Unfortunately, when Chet loses the match after being caught cheating, he goes insane and attacks the scientists and journalists. Tony dons his new “Model 70” Iron Man suit in response. However, the suit begins to fail, leaving the hero with only roller skates to dodge Chet through the streets of New York City. This particular Iron Man gadget hasn’t seen the light of day in the current continuity for decades. With the return of such an outlandish piece of Iron Man’s jewelry arsenal, what other weird or forgotten Iron Man gadgets should return to the comic pages?

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Model 60 (Vespa suit)

One of those forgotten Iron Man inventions that might find a return is the bizarre “Model 60” suit, made unique due to its ability to transform into a hot red Vespa as if it were a Transformer. It makes sense why this suit fell by the wayside. Aside from his ability to transform into a standard Vespa, this armor had no benefits that essentially could not be matched by any other Iron Man armor. His seemingly only payoff was impressing superhero Wasp while dating her Tony Stark: Iron Man #4 (by Dan Slott, Valerio Schiti and Edgar Delgado). What makes the existence of the Vespa suit even more confusing is that Iron Man already offers a more practical variation of this suit in the form of the “Model 55” suit Hunt for Wolverine: Dead Ends #1, which turned into a high-speed motorcycle.

Still, this odd suit is surely one of Tony Stark’s most elegant creations. Seeing it return, like the roller skate suit attachments, would be an equally fun reference. While the Vespa isn’t the most versatile Iron Man suit, it would be great if Iron Man needed to hide his armor while cruising the coasts like Monaco iron man 2.

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Steam powered suit

Another weird – but arguably more useful – suit dates back to 2008 Marvel Adventures Iron Man #8. After the supervillain Jolt destroys his armor, Stark seeks shelter in an Amish village. Iron Man had to defend the community if the villain continued his attack, crafting a massive suit that ran on steam power and was armed with high-pressure water cannons in place of his iconic repulsor blasters. While not very durable armor, the lack of circuitry and computer systems made it completely undetectable, and the water cannons were excellent fire defense. The steam-powered armor also had great electrical conductors that could not only survive the intense electrical voltage of the villain Jolt, but could send the volts back to the villain through an archaic form of reverse polarity.

This rustic Iron Man contraption is a testament to the multi-billionaire superhero’s ingenuity and just goes to show that Tony Stark doesn’t need 21st century technology to create something amazing. Although this suit only exists in the alternate universe designated Earth-20051, it could easily find use in the main Marvel Comics continuity of Earth-616 given the right circumstances.

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sonic taser

Although the briefly used Sonic Taser from 2008 has its origins in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and not the comics iron man Film is an example of how Tony Stark’s most dangerous inventions are sometimes the more humble ones. This small device used high frequencies of sound to incapacitate, or in some cases kill, groups of people simultaneously. This Tony Stark invention became a favorite of the film’s main antagonist, Obadiah Stane, who used the device to immobilize members of the Ten Rings and Iron Man himself. Oddly, one could almost argue that Obadiah Stane downgraded his arsenal when he traded the Stark Tech Sonic Taser for the bulky and slow Iron Monger suit.

The HYDRA agent Clairvoyant has this weapon in Marvel Televisions’ Agents of SHIELD He began using the Sonic Taser as an untraceable assassination weapon transmitted over phone lines. Presented correctly, the Stark Tech Sonic Taser would be a terrifying sight if the device appeared in the Marvel Comics and would be a treasured cameo for MCU fans.

These inventions are just a small fraction of the vast array of devices created by Iron Man that were either no longer used by the Armored Avenger or whose potential was not realized. Although Iron Man has largely abandoned these devices, they show that he is an ever-dynamic superhero, constantly changing. After all, Tony Stark has an inventor mentality and as such will always move on to the next great inventions. Still, the Golden Avenger might return to its older adornments every once in a while to surprise, delight, and amuse fans.

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