Nightwing’s new costume design pays homage to creator Marv Wolfman

In the latest issue of Nightwing, the vigilante debuts a biker jacket that’s also a nod to Marv Wolfman and Wolfman’s own Nightwing jacket.

Spoiler alert for nightwing #93

The newest accessory in nightwing‘s Wardrobe is a hidden but touching tribute to one of the character’s creators, Marv Wolfman. The current creative team nightwing has revised and expanded Dick Grayson’s look and arsenal of gadgets. In the latest issue, the hero debuts a biker jacket that’s a nod to both Marv Wolfman and his own Nightwing jacket.

Dick Grayson debuted as Robin, Batman’s child partner in 1940, but was reinvented in 1984 as the independent vigilante Nightwing Tales of the Teenage Titans #44 by Marv Wolfman and the late George Pérez. Far removed from Batman’s influence, Nightwing established himself as a major hero in his own right in Gotham and at his own home base: Bludhaven. Dick Grayson has sported many iconic looks over the decades – from cropped pants to high collars – but few are more popular than his original Nightwing costume, affectionately dubbed “Discowing” by fans, from the sides of Wolfman and Perez New Teen Titans. Recently, Dick’s ‘fingerstripe’ costume from the ’90s returned, along with a slew of costume and gadget upgrades.


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in the nightwing #93 by Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Adriano Lucas and Wes Abbott, Nightwing runs away from a group of corrupt cops who have been ordered by the villainous blockbuster to arrest the hero. When Dick flees the scene of his “crime” (removing graffiti from an Alfred statue), he runs behind a bush and emerges with a motorcycle – and a snazzy new Nightwing jacket. The same design has previously been seen in the “real world”; Images of Marv Wolfman wearing a Nightwing biker jacket have been circulating online, including in a quote tweet from Current nightwing Artist, Bruno Redondo. The original tweet features an image of George Pérez and Marv Wolfman smiling together. Redondo quoted the image as captioning it, “I love these two so much.”

Knowing that Redondo saw this image of both Pérez and Wolfman, it’s easy to make the jump that Nightwing’s new biker-friendly costume accessory pays homage to Marv Wolfman and his own striped jacket. This tribute to the character’s creators comes as no surprise to fans who’ve followed the tide nightwing Run, which included numerous tributes to Wolfman and Pérez, including a cameo-in nightwing #92. Nightwing is a major force in the DC Universe, largely due to Wolfman and Pérez’s work with the character. So these many references to the two in the current book are more than welcome and always a pleasure to see. More metatextual Easter eggs are sure to come nightwingespecially after the recent death of legendary artist George Pérez.

The current nightwing Run succeeds in part because the creative team honors the character’s past while looking to Dick Grayson’s future. Part of that honor is thanks to the revamped costume design, including fun touches – like Dick’s new Marv Wolfman-esque biker jacket.

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Nightwing fans can search for similar guest appearances and tributes nightwing #93, Available now from DC Comics.

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