Paytm charging platform fees for mobile currency and utility bill charging

Paytm is one of the most popular digital wallet apps in India among both consumers and businessmen. Even the little kirana (mom and pop) shops, bakeries, and mobile takeaways across the country now have a creative speaker gadget. The latter offers a voice prompt confirming the completion of the transaction, allowing the owner to know and be reassured that the correct amount has been credited to their account by customers during peak hours.

Unlike the BookMyShow app, Paytm has never charged app users a fee for completing a digital cash transaction.

It should be noted that in the past, whenever there was a rumor that some digital companies would soon be charging convenience fees, Paytm allayed consumer fears that there would be no such fees for the digital money transaction service. However, it has returned its promise.

In 2019, on July 1st to be precise, Paytm released a statement: “Paytm does not and will not charge any fees or transaction fees from customers for using a payment method that includes cards, UPI and wallet.” –with a URL link to a blog website, which by the way is now defunct.

Paytm charges a platform fee of between Rs 1 and Rs 6 for mobile currency top-ups and utility bills such as electricity, water and gas on receipts valued at Rs 100 and up. More unusually, the fee is not applied to all Paytm users, but only to a select few. There is a chance that everything will be covered in the coming days.

Some have taken to Twitter to vent their anger at Paytm. Here are some of the tweets from angry Paytm users:

DH asked Paytm for a formal response but declined to respond. But Paytm Care has responded to the Deccan Herald’s official Twitter handle, confirming that it has started charging a small fee for its service.

“Paytm may charge a very small fee for some mobile top-ups made through the Paytm app or website. This fee applies to all payment methods and is displayed on the payment page before proceeding with the top-up,” the Paytm statement said

In October 2021, PhoneP started charging for using the app to pay online bills.

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