Review: “Ms. Marvel’ Episode 1 “Generation Why”


With the debut, the continuation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe begins in the television realm Mrs Miracle and the story of the teenager Kamala Khan. Set in Jersey City, the series follows Kamala, a sixteen-year-old girl who is obsessed with the Avengers, doodles, dreams in her school fantasies and also struggles to learn to drive. Accompanied by some unique graphics fit for school distractions and a good duo of gadget making friends Bruno and Nakia, Mrs Miracle It’s off to a flying start and is another proven sign of Marvel’s ability to bring even more young stars to the film and television industry with the casting of Iman Vellani as the lead.

Kamala’s story begins with yet another failed attempt to pass her driving test (by conveniently reversing into the driving instructor’s car) and begins with her free spirit being fully embraced in her strict but loving Pakistani-American household. She has been involved in many incidents at school, such as a dodgeball incident and a nice chemistry mess, which ultimately leads to her, her family, and her teachers confronting her about the coming-of-age storyline in which it is about finding out her young life. After raising the subject of attending the Avengers with her best friend Bruno to her parents, she is denied due to the nature of those events. After a difficult exchange with her parents and her insistence on representing her favorite hero, Captain Marvel, she is denied the chance to leave.

Despite this, Kamala hatches a plan with Bruno to attend the convention by sneaking out of the house. With their covert operation complete, the duo of buddies are allowed to attend AvengersCon and get ready for the Captain Marvel Cosplay Contest. At the convention, Kamala realizes that popular girl Zoe has also signed up for the cosplay contest. However, as her boyfriend Bruno notes, she has adopted some clothing items from her Pakistani heritage by adorning her grandmother’s bracelet which accidentally gives her cosmic superpowers which she accidentally shows at the convention, destroying the set and also putting Zoe in danger brings. Luckily, Kamala is able to save her beloved counterpart’s life. After returning home later than intended, she meets her mother and has a tough conversation about reorienting herself and charting a course to find a meaningful place in life. However, Kamala falls asleep with the positive confirmation that she has gained superpowers.

On the heels of other strong installments in the MCU’s television world such as Loki and hawk eye, Mrs Miracle encapsulates a brand new aesthetic and also youthful energy into the cinematic universe with its in-depth portrayal of Jersey City through the eyes of a yearning teenager. Additionally, as a major newcomer to acting, Vellani demonstrates composure in her role while diverting attention from Marvel tropes to real-world issues through the lens of another young superhero. While the episode primarily serves as a setting for portraying the character, the life of her family and the setting this new hero will take, Generation Why offers a brand new approach to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the Avengers Con and opening scene depict the events of Avengers: Endgame the connection to past Marvel projects, it is keen to develop a new branch of media that audiences have become familiar with. Such are the days of cheap pops from returning A-listers to the superhero world and now it’s time to refocus and create a unique narrative around an upcoming brand new hero.

Rating: 9.0/10

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