Sony is expanding into the PC gaming sector with the “Inzone” brand

As part of Sony’s plan to diversify its gaming portfolio beyond PlayStation consoles, the company unveiled the Inzone brand and a range of PC gaming headsets.

Sony described Inzone as a new gaming gear brand for PC gamers, starting with three headsets designed to deliver high-quality audio and 360 spatial sound. The range includes the wireless Inzone H9 and Inzone H7 headsets, as well as the wired Inzone H3 model. Available locally from late July this year, all three headsets feature a flexible boom microphone that can be flip-to-muted to chat with other players. It is important that all headsets are also compatible with the PlayStation 5.

Inzone H9 and H7 provide wireless PC gaming audio experience

The main difference between the two Inzone wireless headsets is that the H9 model has noise-cancelling and soft-fitting leather ear cushions. This premium headset includes multiple noise-canceling microphones to keep out unwanted noise while gaming. It also uses the same dual noise sensor technology found in Sony’s popular 1000X series headphones. As a result, a full charge lasts 32 hours, while the H7 has a longer battery at 40 hours.

For comparison, the Inzone H7 headset is functionally very similar to the H9, with no noise cancellation and smooth nylon ear pads instead of leather. Both headsets can be connected wirelessly to a PC via a USB dongle over a 2.4GHz connection and at the same time connect to a phone via Bluetooth.

Wired Headset and Hub PC Software

Although wired, the Inzone H3 headset offers many of the same audio features as the wireless versions. Via the Inzone Hub PC software, each headset leverages Sony’s 360 Spatial Sound for Gaming, providing 7.1-channel virtual surround sound. Sony designed the Inzone range’s soft headband to spread evenly over gamers’ heads for comfort during long gaming sessions.

Sony Inzone PC gaming headset range

The full details of the Inzone headsets are as follows:

In zone H9 In area H7 In area H3
Personalized 360 degree surround sound Yes Yes Yes
Noise Cancellation/Ambient Noise Yes no no
microphone Bidirectional boom Bidirectional boom Unidirectional boom
Battery life 32 hours 40 hours N / A
connectivity Wireless (2.4GHz + Bluetooth) Wireless (2.4GHz + Bluetooth) Wired
earpads Soft fit leather Smooth nylon Smooth nylon
Price $449.95 $349.95 $149.95

Alongside the PC gaming audio line, Sony has also unveiled the Inzone M9 4K and M3 1080p gaming monitors. Not much is known about local release details for the displays, but they start at $529 and are expected to start shipping in August.

Sony expanding its gaming gear for PCs makes sense considering the company is bringing more games from the console, including upcoming ones The Last of Us Part I make new. The asking price for the headsets seems competitive, although the real test will be how they perform in the wild. Watch this room.

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