The Godai Group introduced the Paragon harness system, the ultimate organizer for conveniently storing gear and gadgets of all shapes and sizes

Developed by tech entrepreneurs looking to simplify the gear and gadget storage market, the Paragon Strap System offers an innovative new approach to organizing and transporting gear and tool kits

SANTA ANA, California., June 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Godai Group, LLC has created the Paragon Strap System (, an innovative tech organizer designed by tech entrepreneurs looking to simplify their lives , which is the ideal solution for conveniently storing equipment and devices of all shapes and sizes.

Consider it the quintessential tech organizer for all types of users, from tech enthusiasts, engineers, educators, and hobbyists to travelers, campers, gamers, filmmakers, artists, musicians, hairdressers, and many others.

Constructed of simple and durable components, the Paragon harness system is a unique new approach to organizing and transporting gear and tool kits. The product’s patent-pending harness modules adapt quickly and easily to a variety of gear and can be positioned in any orientation. The Paragon harness is fully adjustable and keeps everything securely in place with industrial-strength hook-and-loop compatible materials. Multiple straps can also be used to hold the larger items, and each strap can be sectioned to accommodate multiple pieces of gear at once.

“The Paragon harness will forever change the way you carry your gear,” he said Garret Gee, the founder and co-creator of the Paragon Strap System. “Our solution can be adapted to objects of any size. It gives the end user the freedom to compose exactly what they want. No other product on the market has taken this approach. Therefore, I have invested the time, energy and resources to file our four currently pending patents.”

Key benefits and features of the Paragon harness include:

  • EVERY DEVICE COVERED — The Paragon Strap System is an industry and device adaptable solution with maximum versatility, durability, modularity and compatibility.
  • VERSATILITY — The Paragon harness is not designed for any one type of tool – it was designed as a single storage and organization solution for a variety of gear. The strap dividers allow for a perfect fit for any tool or device.
  • DURABILITY — Paragon Gear uses the highest quality, industrial grade hook and loop fabric to provide maximum holding power and keep gear secure and in place. The industrial grade hook and loop materials are rated at 635 g (9.9 pounds) per square inch. Each strap module is capable of securely holding gear with over 15 pounds of shear force.
  • MODULARITY — Due to its Velcro-compatible elastic band, each Paragon strap can be attached to itself. This allows the user to stack multiple modules together to save space and consolidate similar components. The product is infinitely reusable and rearrangable, allowing it to adapt as a user’s toolbox grows or the work environment changes.
  • COMPATIBILITY — Paragon Strap is cross-compatible with the ubiquitous MOLLE/PALS and any derived system. Any generic or proprietary organizational product that incorporates hook and loop webbing will easily integrate with the Paragon harness system. It can quickly and securely hold any tool holder designed for use with a belt, strap, clip or pocket.

The Godai Group has launched a Kickstarter campaign ( ) to raise funds for the cost of bringing the Paragon Strap System to market.


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