The Organization | Creative Deck Profile: Morphtronic Dice Dimension, Overclocked Phone, ft. DP26 and AC02 Support

New Morphtronic Fon, who dist?


Strategic Summary:

Welcome back with a shiny new profile, this time focused on the Morphtronic archetype and tons of dice. The Morphtronic theme has always been there Morphtronic celphone, a Level 1 monster that rolls a dice to dig up the top cards of your Deck equal to the result, and can then Special Summon a Morphtronic monster from under them. This brought an element of luck to the theme that only increased once Morphtronic smartphone was released, which rolled to add each Morphtronic card unearthed. Now there’s one important thing to note – these “Fons” only had a soft effect once per turn, meaning that if they were removed from the board and then brought back, they could try their luck again to give you an advantage. Continuing that precedent, here comes the busiest dice roller of them all, Morphtronic phone (YGorg translation), which rolls a dice to gain 100 LPx equal to the result before Special Summoning a Morphtronic monster from your Graveyard with a Level less than or equal to the roll. On its own, this seems fun, but there’s one more detail to note – Telefon will always be able to summon another copy of itself from the GY since it’s level 1. This means you can quickly mix and match from one phone to another Next, you’ll get as much link stuff as your heart could desire… Which, quite frankly, is insane.

Beyond this new tuner, the archetype received a new launcher in the form of gadget gamer (YGorg translation)which teaches a level 1 machine on Normal Summon and can serve as a Tribute to Special Summon a Morphtron from your hand and a Gadget Tug from the deck. Again, this can trigger your combos well. But where this theme really kicks it into high gear is when you embrace the new dimension cube (YGorg translation) AC02 support. Dice dungeon (YGorg translation) is a Field Spell whose entire role in this build is to teach dimension cube on activation, so I won’t focus on that too much. Instead of this, dimension cube is a powerful card that Tributes each monster to Summon a monster that rolls a dice with its effect from your Deck. This means you can tribute a copy of Celfon to summon a phone. Or your phone to summon another copy of Phone… and much more. Since these cards also don’t have a once-per-turn limit, you might very well chain summons until you get to a powerful endboard, sometimes even with a feature Naturia beast to lock your opponent from spells. In other words, in this morphtronic dimension, the dice will always be loaded in your favor.

Deck List Provided:

Monsters: 20
| Morphtronic scanning
| Gadget Tug
| Gizmek Arakami, the Hailing Pig
| Morphtronic remote controls
||| gadget gamer
||| Gizmek Naganaki, the signaler of the sunrise
| jet sync
||| Morphtronic smartphone
||| Morphtronic phone
||| Morphtronic celphone

Spell: 20
| one for one
||| Garbage can
||| Machine Reproduction
| terraforming
| Stupid funeral
| monsters reborn
| Morphtronic conversion unit
| World Legacy Succession
||| dimension cube
| summoned from the grave
| Morphtronic repair unit
||| Dice dungeon

Additional deck:
| Naturia beast
| Morphtronic earphones
| Mekk Knight Crusadia Avramax
| Saryuja Skull Terror
| firewall dragon
| Access Code Talker
| Apollousa, Arch of the Goddess
| Knightmare Unicorn
| Knightmare Phoenix
| Knightmare Cerberus
| Crystron Halqifibrax
| security dragon
| I:P Masquerena
| Linkuriboh
| Abandoned Anima

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