Vast VPN Market Research shows that almost half of users turn to VPN for privacy protection

Multiple Scenarios Facilitate VPN Compatibility with Trending Applications Received overwhelming recognition in Indonesian

JAKARTA, INDONESIA – media reach – June 13, 2022 – Vast VPN’s research department (“the Product”) is pleased to announce the results of its self-administered market opinion survey of VPN usage scenarios. Data suggests that around 47% of users primarily seek help from VPNs to protect their privacy when visiting websites anonymously and to prevent their online behavior from being tracked and monitored by spyware thanks to their anti- Malware and ad blocking features. Around 37% of users find Vast VPN exceptionally helpful in speeding up their networks while playing video games or watching streaming content. The third-ranked case, accounting for 26%, is safely viewing some websites with explicit content or threads between different internet exclusion zones, with personal IP address protected. Statistics show that the appeal of VPNs to their respective audiences varies greatly based on user preference.

The #1 Unlimited Free VPN

When Vast VPN did this research, it turned out that most VPN users have ever encountered this situation: after downloading a VPN software, very few nodes are offered for free, and the network connection is tedious and laggy, even the line could be interrupted Due to the unstable network environment, the user experience is very dissatisfied. Vast VPN has made a major technical upgrade and adjustment in response to this situation, and has provided all users with more than ten free nodes, covering North America, Asia, Europe, etc., to greatly meet their various needs. But the icing on the cake would be that all these superior services are offered unlimited free (click for more details).

Greatly improve your entertainment experience

With the advent of entertainment apps like Tik-Tok, SnackVideo, Netflix, etc., using VPN scenarios among ordinary users has become more and more extensive and fun. Aside from providing a stable and fast anonymous browsing experience, 37% of users point out that Vast VPN is also very effective in helping them optimize their entertainment experience without bandwidth throttling. People can greatly speed up video games and browse video streaming platforms for fascinating content. Enormous opinions and recommendations were collected from players involved in MLBB (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang) and Free Fire, both games have extremely high requirements for a reliable network environment. Video software users can flexibly switch IP addresses at any time to break through network restrictions and watch popular videos from other countries.

Protecting user privacy in a comprehensive way

As cybersecurity risks and user privacy issues have noticeably increased even in the mass market and are discussed in people’s daily life, VPN plays a proven role in meeting people’s daily security needs while surfing. Vast VPN can protect users’ entire online activities, especially personal information, from hackers and vandals on public networks thanks to superior encryption technology. Vast VPN is committed to conducting “no-logs” protocols without collecting or “logging” any sensitive information transmitted through its servers. It would never save users’ browsing or download history to ensure them a facilitated and risk-free browsing experience. At the same time, by providing users with safe and hassle-free access to visit blocked content that is prohibited by regional copyright issues, this product could also help bypass specific screening or censorship.

According to (formerly App Annie), a mobile data and analytics platform: Vast VPN has been firmly in the top 15 on the list of free tools in Indonesia since mid-April, ranking at best ninth and getting an overwhelming response in the regional market . The cumulative downloads of Vast VPN on the Google Play Store exceeded 40 million times this May. It offers services to more than 10 million users and works intensively on the North American, Asian and European markets.

Via VastVPN

The Vast VPN is loaded with a variety of features that suit multiple scenarios. The product offers top-notch service with numerous encrypted servers that could help hide users’ IP addresses from snoopers, traces or any kind of potential cyber criminals. Undoubtedly a premium and fancy device, Vast VPN has servers worldwide and is not restricted by geographic or internet ranges. Users can explore any content in any place with fake location.

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