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Christian Horner pushed a Sky Sports reporter into a swimming pool as Red Bull celebrated Sergio Perez’s victory at the Monaco Grand Prix.

The Mexican only celebrated his third F1 win after exploiting a strategy error by Charles Leclerc and Ferrari at Monte-Carlo. Perez was challenged by Carlos Sainz in a dramatic end to the shortened race that fell short of the full 78 lap distance after a series of lengthy delays but held his rival in check to claim a priceless victory.

The win moved Perez to 15 points behind his teammate Max Verstappen at the top of the Drivers’ Championship and helped Red Bull advance further in the battle with Ferrari for the Constructors’ Championship.

Despite Verstappen being denied second place, it was a significant day for Red Bull as Leclerc lost key points and missed out on a podium finish despite starting from pole. Red Bull was in a celebratory mood after the race and posed for photos around a swimming pool.


Ferrari protests dismissed after Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez were called to the stewards

Sky Sports F1 reporter Craig Slater was interviewing Horner about Sunday’s result when the Red Bull boss suddenly pushed him into a swimming pool in what looked to the cameras like a staged event. Slater swam around in the pool for a few seconds while the Red Bull team laughed before climbing out to exchange another word with Horner.

Horner asked him about Red Bull’s commanding form and seemed to confirm that he had planned to push Slater into the pool. He said: “A win in Monaco is always very special and to win this race – it’s our sixth win in Monaco – with ‘Checo’ you know it’s been an incredible day and hopefully common sense will help Max win and well done a good sport.”

Slater, soaking wet, then promised, “I’ll get you back someday.” Horner’s comment on Verstappen referred to Ferrari’s protest against the Dutchman after the Monaco GP. Ferrari, which has also protested Perez, has since seen both sacked after the two Red Bull drivers were called to the stewards. Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto was outraged after the race, claiming both Red Bulls crossed the yellow line upon exiting the pits to stay ahead of Sainz and Leclerc.


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He said: “We are disappointed because we believe there was a clear violation of the regulations when the two Red Bulls drove out of the pits on the yellow line,” Binotto said SkySports F1.

“I think it wasn’t close, it was at stake. If you look at the intonation of the sporting law it says crossing but we had clarification in Turkey in 2020 to avoid discussions and if you look at the racer notes that it indicates keeping to the right.

“So being on the line is against the race director’s advice and I think every single team has a duty and a duty to follow the race director’s advice. So for us this is something unclear and we are still looking for clarification from the FIA ​​and we look forward to receiving our feedback as soon as possible.”

Leclerc, meanwhile, has called for talks after a Ferrari pit stop cost him his spot at the front of the grid. He said after a disappointing fourth place: “Today there were too many mistakes overall.

“We can’t do that, especially at the moment we’re in now, we’re extremely strong, our pace is strong, we have to take those opportunities. We can’t lose that many points, it’s not even first to second, it’s first to fourth because after the first mistakes we made another one.”

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