Doug Kalitta on Wheel SealMaster Dragster


Image: Kalitta Motorsports

YPSILANTI, Michigan — Doug Kalitta will display the branding and logos of Kalitta Motorsports’ longtime marketing partner, SealMaster, during the NHRA Norwalk Nationals this weekend when the NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series rolls into Summit Motorsports Park.

SealMaster, a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of road maintenance products and equipment, has been a key sponsor of Kalitta Motorsports and the NHRA, which hosts the hugely popular SealMaster Track Walk on Sunday morning of race day.

During the NHRA Norwalk Nationals, Kalitta’s 11,000hp Top Fuel dragster will sport SealMaster’s familiar colors and logo, while his team will wear special crew shirts.

“The Norwalk track is the closest to our race shop and SealMaster HQ so this will be a cool event to race this SealMaster Top Fuel dragster,” said Kalitta, who is currently in the Top Fuel top ten. “It’s a huge crowd at Norwalk and I know we’re going to have a lot of people from our business and SealMaster racing.”

Over the years, Kalitta Motorsports and SealMaster have jointly hosted several unique events, from Sponsors’ Summits to Open House Tours, highlighting the various motorsport partnerships of both companies. SealMaster’s ability to onboard current and potential customers is one of the great benefits of the marketing partnership. The Kalitta Motorsports VIP pit experience is a highlight, where guests can not only get up close and personal with drivers like Kalitta and his teammates Shawn Langdon and JR Todd, but also see how the crews work on the cars throughout the weekend .

“With our franchise system headquarters in Sandusky being just minutes from Norwalk, this is a perfect event to showcase our partnership with Kalitta Motorsports and the NHRA,” said Jason Hedlesky, Director of Franchise Development at SealMaster. “We have had an excellent relationship with the team and are delighted to have Doug pilot the SealMaster Top Fuel dragster. Our goal is to keep SealMaster in the minds of Kalitta and NHRA fans. The series provides a great platform to entertain our guests at events while reaching a captivating national audience.”

Additionally, Applied Innovation, the award-winning Michigan-based company with over 35 years of experience providing imaging, technology and automation services to companies across all industries, is expanding its vehicle presence with Kalitta Motorsports this weekend at the NHRA Norwalk Nationals. The company will handle the front ends of the Doug Kalitta and Shawn Langdon Top Fuel Dragsters.

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