Dozens take the opportunity to try new sports on National Bowls Day

The greens at Moose Jaw Lawn Bowling Club were busy with a special event on Saturday

Lawn bowling could be in the midst of an impressive resurgence at Moose Jaw if involvement leads to new memberships during their National Bowls Day event.

Dozens of curious newcomers took to the greens at the local club in Crescent Park and made for a full day of action while the current members showed people the basics of the sport.

It was all part of a series of open houses at clubs across Canada, giving everyone a chance to try out a game they might not otherwise have thought of.

“Everyone seems to enjoy the game and it’s a game that can be started at any age and progressed no matter how old you are,” said MJLBC’s Liz Jones. “Then it’s fresh air, exercise and cheap – we have all the equipment here and a full membership is $100. You can play whenever you want, from May to September, so for the price of a few rounds of golf you can have a summer of lawn bowling.”

The game itself is similar to curling, with the weighted cups scoring by being closest to the jack. The ability to judge green speed, distance, angles and throwing hardness are key components, with high profile competition often requiring a few inches to determine the score at each end.

Moose Jaw has had no shortage of success in sports over the years as well. Those who choose to compete can conquer the greens in provincial, national and world level competitions, with former Moose Jaw competitors Ernie Meid and Charlie Taylor having done so at all three levels in the past.

But those who just want to have some exercise and fun are also welcome.

“It’s such a friendly sport,” Jones said. “It’s very competitive when you’re on the green, but after that you can go have a cup of tea together… You can have fun, whether it’s competition or just having a good time.”

Those wishing to get involved in the game can drop by the club during any of the regular members nights, including Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 7pm and Tuesday at 9:30am. Members are very happy to welcome newcomers and will show you the ropes; All you need is a pair of comfortable shoes and you’re good to go.

“Other times there are a lot of people here bowling, but those times it has to be open so people can just call if they want to bowl,” Taylor said.

For more information about the club, give them a call at (306) 693-4844 for all the details you need to get started in the sport.

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