“Drive a $300,000 Ferrari F8 in the Formula 1 game!” – EA Sport’s latest feature in the F122 game allows fans to drive supercars of their choice

It’s that time of year that Formula 1 fans around the world look forward to the release of the sport’s official game, F1-22.

This is the first year in the history of the series that we will see EA Sports developing the full game. Last year’s game was jointly developed by Codemasters and EA. Codemasters has long been making F1 games but became a subsidiary of EA Sport in 2020. Therefore, this year’s game is exclusively the production of EA Sport.

Fans have already seen the game’s teasers and trailers on social media. It has new features such as interactive pit stops, manually driving the car in formation laps to the grid, and allows fans to enjoy the game in virtual reality.

A new Video which, however, shows more in-game features was launched a few days ago. Here EA explained the concept of “F1 Life”. This includes giving the user full access to the character they will be using in the game and being able to customize various aspects of their lives.

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Customizable supercars in Formula 1 game

Fans had complained that the F1 games were becoming too boring due to a lack of customization. In this year’s game, fans can not only customize their F1 cars, but also their character’s life off the track.

This includes choosing the shirts, pants, hats, shoes, etc. that your character wears. Fans can also change the My Team HQ hub and choose aspects like flooring and wall designs.

However, what excites fans the most is the addition of supercars to the game. Previously, the only non-F1 cars available in the game were the Safety Cars, which could not be driven. This year, however, players can drive the safety car and much more.

There is a large collection of super cars in the game. The list hasn’t been confirmed yet, but some of the cars to be unveiled include a $300,000 Ferrari F8 Tributo, a Mercedes AMG GTR Pro, an Aston Martin Vantage and a McLaren Artura.

F1 22 promises to be the biggest and most extensive Formula 1 game ever. It officially launches and hits the market in July.

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