Fun as Abuja school holds inter-house sports competition

Pupils and their parents wowed the audience with their performances at the second edition of a kindergarten and elementary school’s annual in-house sports competition – Making Pathway for Bloomers (MPB) Academy.

Based in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory (FCT), the school organized Saturday’s event at the Britarch Schools Stadium, which saw students compete in track racing, passing, basket-making and ballet dancing.

At one of the games, to which spectators cheered, blindfolded students were asked to fill baskets with small balls placed in front of them by picking the balls one at a time. Contestants had to rely on their caretakers to dictate the direction of their partners with the baskets.

“Forward! No! Left! Left again,” yelled janitors on the sidelines, directing the students to their basket-holding partners.

One student, Ibrahim Hassan, listened, found his partner, and filled in the orbs one by one to earn a victory for the Blue House. As he hooped five balls to secure the win, other students wandered the field.

Parents and teachers, who had previously cheered and applauded the students, later took part in the track race.

A Red House athlete at the finish line during the 2nd Annual Inter House Competition at MPB
A Red House athlete at the finish line during the 2nd Annual Inter House Competition at MPB

At the end of the game, the blue house emerged as the overall winner with 251.3 points accumulated from winning past matches, the sack race, the blindfold, and the slipper race. In the slipper race, students wore adult-sized slippers.

The yellow house was 2nd overall with 240.5 points while the red house was 3rd with 225.3 points. Green House finished fourth with 208.5 points.

Yellow house during game over
Yellow house during game over

Hassan Ibrahim, chairman of the school’s Parents-Teachers Association (PTA), said the competition offers parents an insight into their children’s performance in sporting activities and prepares them for the children who could pursue a career in sport.

He said: “We are in the world of professionalism. This is the best time to prepare the children. When a child goes to a sporting activity, I think this is the best time for parents to plan ahead.”

egg race
egg race

“We are happy with how our children were cheered up.”

Pearl Ihaza, the school’s principal, said the second in-house sporting event organized since the school’s founding five years ago is in the spirit of Children’s Day.

She said the school puts a special emphasis on athletic activities, which she says aims to build athletes from an early age.

“We have found that it is better to catch them young. I know when they start exercising and they grow up, they’ll become better athletes,” she said.

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She added that the school has entered several inter-school competitions and won medals.

Charles Ihaza, another principal, said part of the school’s vision is for children’s overall development in areas other than academia.

“It’s not just about academics,” he said, adding; “We’re trying to give them this broad development so they can be grounded in other areas after they finish school.”

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