Gallery: Try a Sport Day starts in Sault (12 photos)

The city’s free event allowed attendees to try out a variety of sports, including pickleball, soccer, tennis and baseball

The city’s Try a Sport Day proved to be a huge success as community members of all ages had the opportunity to try different sports at several city sports facilities.

The free event on Saturday offered locals several sports to try, and activities were spread evenly over the morning and afternoon, allowing attendees to participate in more than one.

Sports included pickleball, soccer, disc golf, tennis, ultimate frisbee, baseball, and volleyball.

Pickleball was among the most popular choices today as all eight courts at the Elliot Sports Complex were filled with residents eager to try the activity.

Similar to tennis, pickleball is growing in popularity among the elderly, but participants of all ages took to the courts today to test their skills.

Right next to Pickleball was soccer, where kids received advice from multiple coaches on various techniques such as kicking, passing and blocking.

Kim Powley volunteered for a variety of sports today, including soccer, and she’s thrilled to see everyone getting out of the house and trying their hand at a range of fun activities.

“I think it’s great for them,” she said. “I think it’s great that there are so many kids out here demonstrating their ability to participate. It’s great to be social. Everything seems to be picking up steam again, which is great.”

Meanwhile, Ultimate Frisbee sparked some interest from several locals who made their way to Rosedale Park this afternoon.

Adrian Colak, an ultimate Frisbee teacher, said he enjoyed sharing the ins and outs of the sport with newcomers.

“It’s nice to see people trying all kinds of sports,” he said. “Ultimate Frisbee isn’t as popular as other sports like hockey, soccer and football, so it’s nice to introduce sports like this to get more engagement from the community.”

Colak helps organize Ultimate Frisbee Clinics at Rosedale Park on Wednesdays.

Justin Thomson, another ultimate Frisbee enthusiast, encourages everyone to try the sport.

“It’s a good form of exercise that has very low impact,” he said. “It’s a fun, mixed sport where all ages and both genders are on the field at the same time. This creates a real sense of community. It’s easy to learn and play, and requires a lot of strategy.”

The breezy conditions on a warmer, overcast day helped make the event an overall success.

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