High School Sports: Spring season brings many achievements

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It would be difficult to escape this spring season in college sports without mentioning the achievements that seem to be piling up along the way.

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It really is, and fortunately, the elephant in the room.

Let’s start with athletics. Continuing a four-year streak of qualifying more than 100 student-athletes for OFSAA athletics, the SDSSAA schools picked up where they left off in 2019 and produced an impressive total of 110 students that year ahead, a delegation representing 15 out of 18 member schools.

The SDSSAA track group will begin their OFSAA journey Thursday afternoon at York University in Toronto. A majority of athletics events are streamed live by Athletics Canada and results are also published event by event on

The SDSSAA will also have a very strong presence in football. In fact, four out of six available senior OFSAA beds were snapped up by SDSSAA schools, including the Esc l’Horizon girls (A in Belle River), the College Notre Dame girls (AAA in London), the Confederation boys (A in Jordan Station) and the St. Charles Boys (AAA in London).

The action begins Thursday morning and you can follow match results on the OFSAA website at

A change of NOSSA venue to the Sudbury Indoor Tennis Center due to weather conditions resulted in a total of six SDSSAA OFSAA tennis qualifiers including Kianna D’Atillio and Kianna Trottier of Esc l’Horizon, Olivier de la Riva of College Notre Dame, Madison Hollohan of St .Charles College and Tyler Smith and Clara Dissanayake of Lo-Ellen Park. And the Trottier-D’Atillio tandem, which took part in the high school girls’ doubles draw, advanced to the semifinals this year.

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On the local scene, Esc l’Horizon has hosted both the boys’ and girls’ slo pitch championships for consecutive weeks this year, with Horizon taking top honors in the girls A draw and St Charles College A draw the highest award in the Boys A. The results of both events are available on the website or on

Yes, indeed, it would be really difficult to look past all of that accomplishment this spring, but after the two years we’ve all just got through, why on earth would anyone ever want to do that?

High school notes

Next week, the local high school sports scene will turn exclusively to second division soccer, with the final games of the regular season scheduled for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, followed by the quarterfinals on Thursday and Friday.

Dave Makela is Sports Administrator for the Sudbury District Secondary Schools Athletic Association. His column runs weekly during the high school athletic season.

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