Invest in your favorite team or sport

Yes, you can literally buy a bunch of your favorite sports teams or leagues. It might not be a huge part, but not only does the investment pay off in the long run, the feeling of “owning” your favorite club must feel pretty cool.

It’s better than owning an NFT photo of your favorite team’s head coach.

You can also buy part of a mini-sports industry like World Wrestling Entertainment, better known as WWE. This is the mark and the symbol. It’s a stock, just like Ford or General Electric, and as of late May you can buy a share on the New York Stock Exchange for about $67.

Not into wrestling? Doesn’t matter. Check out the market cap, cash flow, and recent earnings, and you might find that you want to take off from a turnbuckle.

Into wrestling? Then you should definitely keep an eye on an Equity.Guru related project, Nation Extreme Wrestling or NEW. This thing was so successful in its first year in British Columbia, and it’s not even a full year since the co-founder Chris Parry indicates that some kind of initial public offering (IPO) is not ruled out later. The business is growing.

If you’ve been following the UEFA Champions League closely and were irritated by Saturday’s league final between Liverpool and Real Madrid, remember that there are big futbol (soccer) clubs that have stockpiles. If you’re crazy about the Premiere League, why not buy a slice of Manchester United.

Man’ United stocks closed on Friday, May 27th on an uptrend with the share price approaching $13. It is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol MANU. Just think, in a way you would Cristiano Ronaldo Boss.

You might as well own a piece of this Austin Matthews by the Toronto Maple Leafs, the NHL’s top scorer. Or his teammates Mitch Marner, or Jack Campell, and there’s more than one way to get a piece. Oddly enough, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, the umbrella organization that owns the Leafs, the NBA’s Toronto Raptors and the American Hockey League’s Toronto Marlies, are 50/50 owned by Bell (BCE.T) and Rogers (RCI). -BT), the telecom/technology giants, both listed on the Toronto Exchange.

So, in theory, by buying stock in any of these behemoths, you’re also snagging a very small piece of your (least) favorite NHL team. Are you ready to fire the trainer or the GM? Hello, make up your mind! The more shares you buy, the more you have every right to complain… hypothetically.

If you prefer another “Original Six” company, snag a piece of the New York Rangers by buying shares in Madison Square Garden Sports Corporation (MSGS), another on the New York Stock Exchange.

There’s more to Churchill Downs than just the Kentucky Derby horse race. The umbrella company owns all types of real estate and has diversified. Churchill Downs Inc. (CHDN) on NASDAQ.

Of course there are gear and clothing options in the sports world, but it’s not as fun as owning a hockey team or a track. If you are more into the technical side, Equity.Guru’s Joseph Morton has an article on the site related to this page as in eSports and Betting Technologies. You’ll also find a lively “Investor Roundtable” video on the sports investing space that explores some of the topics discussed here and gives you a real sense of the passion that drives fans/shareholders.

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