Kellie Harrington and Ellen Keane named Dublin Sports ambassadors

Paralympic swimming gold medalist Ellen Keane and Olympic boxing gold medalist Kellie Harrington have been unveiled as Dublin City Council’s sports ambassadors on a new three-year deal.

As part of the partnership, Dublin City Council (DCC) is working with the two local sports stars to promote the benefits of sport and physical activity in Dublin.

The Dublin City Council Ambassador Program is designed to help support and raise awareness of the DCC’s work to increase and encourage participation and active living, while improving the health of the city’s citizens – now and in the future – across Dublin communities .

Ellen Keane and Kellie Harrington will lend their support by encouraging people across the city to be physically active and take advantage of the city’s fantastic sports facilities.

Harrington – who will also be awarded the Freedom of Dublin by Lord Mayor Alison Gilliland on June 11 – and Keane will also support the work of DCC by highlighting existing and soon to be launched programs in the city, including programs to support access to sport in socially disadvantaged areas and among certain population groups.

Dublin City Council said it recognizes that sport is an integral part of the city’s cultural and social life and crucial to its economic development.

physical activity

There are several indoor and outdoor sports facilities located throughout the city, offering a full range of amenities and activities, from swimming and soccer to free weights and fitness classes.

Dublin City Council also has a number of full-time Sport Officers who work in communities across Dublin City to ensure that opportunities for access to sport facilities and participation in physical activity programs are increased for those who need it.

Currently, 20 sports officers are employed directly by DCC, along with a health promotion officer and 25 co-funded development officers in partnership with national and regional sports organizations.

Alison Gilliland, Lord Mayor of Dublin, said today: “I am delighted to welcome Kellie and Ellen on board as Dublin City Council’s Official Sports Ambassadors.

“These two athletes have represented Ireland on the biggest stages of sport with prestige and aplomb and we are truly privileged to have them with us.

“Sports and leisure enhance the quality of life in Dublin City while enhancing the health and well-being of the city’s citizens.”

Paralympic gold medalist Ellen Keane said: “The work that Dublin City Council is doing for sport in the city is fantastic and I am very proud to represent them as one of their Official Sport Ambassadors.”

Meanwhile, a proud Dubliner, Kellie Harrington said she was truly “honoured” to be a sports ambassador for Dublin City Council.

She said: “Sport has played an important part in my life from a young age and it’s great to see the wide range of facilities on offer here in the capital.”

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