Opinion – Paul Hickey: Sports Galore, Wimbledon Falcon and Theater Giveaway

Serbia’s Novak Djokovic celebrates after beating Australia’s Nick Kyrgios to win the men’s Wimbledon final. Photo / AP

Oh I miss the days when Sky TV had it all.

People moaned about the price but it was cheaper than what we pay now for all the different services for sports, news, regular shows and more.

Ordinary readers and listeners will recall that I canceled my subscription to the entire Sky package towards the end of last year. But I always knew that at some point in the year the sports fan in me had to get it back.

And that time is now.

The monthly streaming package is a great value, especially when the All Blacks are on!

However, one has to ask oneself, aren’t they really on at the moment? Despite last weekend’s loss, I’m still right behind the men in black and find it hard to understand how losing a sports team can bring out the worst in people.

Some of the stinginess that is being written and the sad stories of Irish fans at last Saturday’s game suffering verbal and physical abuse from Kiwi fans just isn’t hip.

Congratulations to Ireland who are now one of the best teams in the world – it’s no surprise or shame to lose to a team like that.

But I’m still supporting Sam and the boys this weekend and if they can’t win it we still wake up on Sunday morning right?

However, I could avoid the comments on social media for my own sanity.


As for other sports, I finally got a chance to see a State of Origin game this year.

Having missed just one game in the last 25 years, I’ve missed two this year because of this miserable flu; Staying up until 10pm would never happen!

And how about the thrill of the Wimbledon tennis final? Nick Kyrgios in the final, who would have thought?

Another tennis story also piqued my interest earlier this week, but I have seen no proof of its validity on TV.

Apparently, Wimbledon has an official hawk named Rufus.

Every morning from 5am to 9am, before thousands of spectators file in and the game begins, the beloved Harris’ hawk flies over the world’s most manicured tennis courts, keeping pesky birds like pigeons away.

Described as an “important member of the Wimbledon family”, Rufus has been shooing other birds for around 15 years, succeeding his predecessor Hamish.

How cool is that?


There is no doubt that there is plenty of artistic talent in Rotorua and from this weekend we can see plenty of it at the Rotorua Musical Theater with their new show ‘Streakin’ Thru The 70s’.

With a live band complementing the artists on stage, the show features big songs and a journey through game shows, sitcoms, disco, natural highs and the political turmoil of a much maligned decade.

I have more tickets to give away next week; listen to find out how to win.


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