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DJ Shaw (60) takes patience to bypass Northeast veterans Johnny Clark (54) and Wayne Helliwell, Jr. to win the first doubleheader of a White Mountain Motorsports Park PASS Super Late Model. (Photo by John Raper)

NORTH WOODSTOCK, NH — DJ Shaw clinched victory as the PASS Super Late Models led the four-division race card at White Mountain Motorsports Park on Friday night.

Derek Ming passed Ryan Kuhn to start the 150 lap event. The first caution would come out on lap seven for Mark Patten, who spun at turn one. The restart saw an accordion crash resulting in a smashed nose and the end of the night for Evan Beaulieu. At the restart, Ming struggled again, losing control of his 45VT ride, slowing down the inside line and bringing caution back to the fore.

The successful restart put Wayne Helliwell Jr. on the front row and passed Dillon Moltz while Kuhn followed Helliwell at the end to secure second place.

On lap 23, DJ Shaw pushed his way into the race by slipping to second place under Kuhn. With another restart after Ming and Evan Hallstrom spun at turn four, Helliwell again prevailed on the inside groove while Moltz dug deep on the outside.

On lap 40, Shaw began working Moltz for the bottom lane while seven-time PASS Champion Johnny Clark was closely chasing Shaw. It wasn’t long before a fight ensued between Clark and Shaw as they swapped lanes and positions three times for a chance to work Moltz second.

On lap 68, Shaw moved up to second while Clark lapped Moltz for third on lap 72, with Helliwell winning the most during the three-car battle behind him.

The yellow flag was unfurled again on lap 79 when Jeremy Davis lost his right front tire, sending him hard against the front track retaining wall. At the restart, Helliwell, Shaw and Clark quickly backed into a three-car line around the tarmac of White Mountain.

While Shaw looked up and down a time or two, he was unsuccessful in finding the fast lane around Helliwell until the lap 114 warning for Eddie MacDonald’s parked machine on the backstretch gave Shaw hope.

At the restart Shaw rode on the outside of Helliwell to lead 115 but quickly fell back and worked Helliwell’s legendary orange No. 27NH machine until lap 133 when Shaw finally found a track on the inside and took the lead again , closely followed by Clear.

In the final laps, Clark worked his way under Helliwell, but there wasn’t enough time to catch up to Shaw. DJ Shaw clinched his second win of the season in the Pro All Stars Series, followed by Johnny Clark and Wayne Helliwell Jr.

Ryan Ripley won the 50+ round modified Main Event and Rob Summers led the New England Supermodified Feature. Les Rose won the Pro-4 Modified feature.

The end:

DJ Shaw, Johnny Clark, Wayne Helliwell Jr., Dillon Moltz, Joe Pastore, Ben Ashline, Trevor Sanborn, Ryan Kuhn, Stacy Cahoon, Eddie MacDonald, Brian Whalley, Scott McDaniel, Mark Patten, Gabe Brown, Mike Mayberry, Jeremy Davis, Ben Rowe, Nick Jenkins, Derek Ming, Evan Hallstrom, Dennis Spencer Jr., Evan Beaulieu, Dan Winter.

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