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Professional wrestling is a sport of scripted matches, typically involving two or more matched performers with established character roles. These fights are based on wrestling styles used in the past and present; Strikes, movements, strength and athleticism. These are the elements that are built into modern day wrestling. Professional wrestling is not to be confused with amateur contact sports such as wrestling. Professional wrestling has a lot of drama. There is always something going on in this world of happenings. Just like the egos of professional wrestlers are attached to their personalities and have tumultuous relationships with one another. The games are usually scripted, just like the rest of the storyline in the show’s storyline.

Professional wrestling began as a popular form of entertainment in 19th-century Europe and later as a side show in North American traveling carnivals and variety shows. In 2020, professional wrestling will become an expansive multi-billion dollar industry. The local forms in Europe have declined sharply since the 1980s; Professional wrestling from North America has experienced several periods of cultural popularity over the century and a half of its existence. It was exported back to Europe despite the decline in local versions. Professional wrestling was ahead of its time with the advent of television. With the advent of online video-on-demand and digital streaming online promotions, domestic professional promotions in different regions could bypass traditional content delivery methods and reach audiences directly through word of mouth and social media.

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