Risk of injury from porpoises comparable to other sports

According to Max Verstappen, the risk of injury from porpoises is comparable to that faced by competitors in other sports.

Several Formula 1 drivers have said that the bad driving they are suffering from this year, due to porpoises or the stiffness of their setup, has significantly increased their discomfort in the cars. Lewis Hamilton described the Azerbaijan Grand Prix as the most painful he has ever experienced.

However, Verstappen pointed out that injuries are commonplace in other sports and believes F1 drivers should be prepared to tolerate similar risks.

“There are a lot of sports out there that I think are generally bad for your body,” he said. “After your career ends, you’re not the same as you were when you were 20, that’s just the way it is.

“Football players have problems with their knees, all sorts of injuries. Or if you are a motocross rider or Moto GP rider, the amount of bones they have broken in their bodies. You can always judge, “Yes, is that the safest?” No, but we are willing to take risks, that’s our sport, I like doing it.”

Verstappen acknowledged that the Porpoise drivers are awkward but pointed out that some teams are better at controlling them than others.

“Obviously the porpoise we have at the moment isn’t pretty and I don’t think it’s right. But some teams are much better at handling these things than others, so it’s possible to get rid of them. So I don’t think we need to over-dramatize what’s happening right now.”

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However, Hamilton insisted that the safety of competitors must be the sport’s primary concern.

“I can no longer emphasize how important health is to us,” he said. “I think we have a great sport here, but safety has to come first, has to be the most important thing.”

He said he “definitely feels a little bit smaller” after his bloody race in Baku. “My discs are definitely not in the best shape,” he added, “and that’s not good for longevity.

“There are things we can do to improve that for the drivers here. We want to arrive and do our job and put on a great show and drive as safely as possible and we don’t need to hurt ourselves.

“So I just think we just need to work closely with the FIA ​​and not take it lightly, which I don’t think they do and follow it up.”

Daniel Ricciardo, who also lamented the rough ride he endured in Baku, revealed after Sunday’s Canadian Grand Prix that a problem with his car had aggravated his ailments during the previous race.

“After Baku I realized that we broke something, so my jumping was really bad,” he explained.

“It was better today,” he added. “There are a couple of big bumps going into turn eight that make you a little mad at the end of the race, but not crazy.”

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