Should MMA be a college sport?

MMA and contact sports are growing in popularity. More and more young people are starting their first MMA lessons with enthusiasm, especially since VIP fighters are promoting this sport. MMA or mixed martial arts is a sport that helps you defend yourself.

There are many MMA schools that introduce youth and people interested in starting MMA fights. If you dream of being one of these most popular MMA fighters, you should know that training is mandatory. You need to practice and learn effective moves and learn how to react when attacked. Many say MMA should be a college sport.

Learning in an MMA school would bring benefits, although many see this sport as very aggressive and harmful. So should MMA be part of the curriculum when it comes to sports?

Defense vs. Attack

Most people have watched the most popular MMA fighters on screen and find all the fights are so professional. Many would say that this sport is too violent for children and teenagers and they don’t need to be exposed to aggressive interactions.

However, everyone should be aware that bullying rates are steadily increasing. Cyberbullying is also on the rise, taking a toll on the mental health of teens and college students. Nobody is saying that you should physically attack someone who has been bullying you, but knowing how to fight can be a way to defend yourself. No one encourages fights between students or people in an uncontrolled context (such as outside of the official fights organized by the UFC).

However, since bullying is mostly violent, it would help bullied students to fight back if they are being attacked. While this may seem like a far-fetched reality, being able to defend yourself is important and gives you confidence. Sometimes MMA classes overlap with your homework time. You can get help fromThe premium writing service Edubirdie to help you write custom essays. Any writing service would help you complete your chores so you can be trained to fight MMA style.

declining obesity

Over 14 million Children are affected by obesity alone in the US. There is an urgent need for more physical education programs within high schools. The ufc school says MMA could become a college sport and help students lose weight and keep fit. School fighters don’t have to compete in competitions that are often considered too brutal. But they can train with their peers.

Many young people say that the classic sports taught in high schools, such as basketball, football or rugby, are not what they are looking for. Enabling young people to engage in various physical activities could increase their engagement.

For example, they may not enjoy playing soccer, but they may enjoy learning to defend themselves. Physical activity is essential for people of all ages. It’s not just about the benefits for your body, but also for your mind.

Intense physical activity releases endorphins, also known as feel-good hormones. They reduce stress and act as pain relievers. But they also come with a sense of euphoria that teens need to love sports. And MMA is probably exactly the entry-level sport to keep fit and lose weight.

However, as mentioned above, since MMA is still considered a bad idea in high schools due to the general perception of the sport, there may be times when classes overlap with students’ agendas. You can get the guidance of a professional writer from a custom essay writing service to help you complete all your schoolwork. And you can devote the time you have to MMA training.

Final Thoughts

Should MMA be a college sport? Well many say it shouldn’t be as they only see the brutal and aggressive part of the sport. That’s what the media portrays as only these professional fights are seen on TV.

However, MMA is not about hurting the other, it is about learning how to defend yourself. Bullying rates in schools are slowly increasing. Although no one encourages inter-student violence, it would be helpful to know how to defend yourself if you are being physically bullied. At the same time, it is a nice opportunity for high school students to fight obesity and keep fit.

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