Swimmers can now apply for the Aquatic Diploma in Sporting Excellence

Applications are now open for an industry-leading swim education program on the Swim England Talent Pathway.

The Aquatic Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE) is offered in partnership with Loughborough College and gives athletes the opportunity to combine their studies with training and competitions.

It is a two-year programme, delivered through Swim England workshops, camps, club visits and online one-on-one progress assessments, supported by professional trainers, medical specialists, talent staff and DiSE assessors.

Topics covered include career planning and finance, lifestyle nutrition, health and safety, technical, tactical and physical skills, mental skills, anti-doping, sports injuries, behaviors and values, and communication and media.

Swimmers who have completed the program include Olympic champions Adam Peaty and Rebecca Adlington.

Development of skills and qualifications

Rachel Weston, one of Swim England’s DiSE managers, said: “This fantastic opportunity provides the perfect environment for talented athletes to combine their sport and education and earn a prestigious, recognized qualification.

“Young, aspiring athletes will acquire the skills, knowledge and abilities to reach their full potential in sporting excellence, while also developing the skills and qualifications for their careers after 18 years.”

The DiSE 2022 program runs over two academic years from September 2022 to July 2024 and applications must be submitted by June 30, 2022.

Applicants must be born between September 1st, 2005 and August 21st, 2006, be enrolled in a government-funded full-time continuing education programme, be a member of an English club and meet sport-specific performance criteria.

Para-swimmer Megan Richter, who completed the DiSE program, said she would recommend it to anyone considering applying.

She added: “I enjoyed the DiSE programme.

“At first I was afraid that it would be difficult to combine school and training, but it was very flexible.

“My tutor kindly came to my school for one-on-one sessions so I could meet in my free hours and it was easy to catch up if I had to miss a session for a competition.

“She was very supportive and helped me whenever I was ever unsure.

Recommend the program to everyone

“I’ve met a lot of people from other water sports that I wouldn’t otherwise have spoken to and learned the differences between my sport and theirs.

“I am currently doing my training as a swimming coach and I think that this training will increase my interest as an applicant.

“I found the nutritional advice most helpful and have implemented it in my everyday life.

“I would recommend the program to anyone considering it.”

Swimmer Lauren Cox added: “The DiSE program was really fun, the workshops were fun and everyone was very friendly.

“I found it particularly interesting to learn why we train and how important the aspects outside of the pool are, like nutrition and the psychology of being an athlete.

“The tactical and technical workshops have helped me gain a deeper understanding of my training and how to actively improve my performance by taking charge of my training program and setting more personal and achievable goals.

“I found it really manageable with my Abitur, the workbooks were clear and easy to understand, so that I could integrate them into training and school.

“The DiSE assessors were really supportive and helpful with any questions I had.”

To learn more about DiSE and to apply, click here or email [email protected]

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