That’s the single cab Ford F-150 Tremor Sport we need

Instagram artist Jlord8 explores single cab design with this new version of a Ford F-150 Tremor that’s much sportier than the stock pickup.

That ford F-150 Tremor is a nickname from the king of trucks, used for an upgrade pack dedicated to tackling rigorous off-road work and adventure. But what if Ford offered a sporty option or the streets? A graphic designer named Jim, who also likes sport trucks, answered this question with a concept of what a Ford F-150 Tremor Sport might look like.

Ford made its mark with the F-150 Tremor upgrade option. Truck sport packages add a nice touch to the more commonly seen rugged and off-road focus that’s more readily available. Because not all trucks are driven off-road, the sport-inspired aesthetic and parts upgrades offer a fresh and different perspective that many owners enjoy.

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Not all trucks need to be driven off-road

At first glance, the rendering doesn’t seem all that different. But upon closer inspection, major changes are being made to this truck. The first element that catches your eye is the removal of the rear seats and doors. This drastic change resembles a four-door sedan and a two-door sports coupe. This no longer looks like the Ford Tremor Package available at dealerships.

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Skillfully achieved in this rendering, the Tremor’s behavior is completely transformed with a brand new attitude. Now it captures the qualities of a truck meant for the street. If you like this type of render, you must subscribe to HotCars Premium to see what the 2024 Dodge eMuscle could look like in our exclusive digital render.

parts for the road

Turning our attention to the added parts, we see a variety of subtle but impactful improvements. The first thing to mention is the front lip spoiler. Instead of the stock tow hooks, we see a sleek looking piece meant for improved aerodynamics. It enhances the clean lines of the Ford F-150 and adds a sporty tuned look.

Attached side and rear skirts following the spoiler lip complete the new silhouette. This is an all-new transformation as the Ford truck now sits lower to the ground on larger wheels and lower-profile tires. This is a far cry from the raised suspension and big rubber tires predominantly seen on off-road trucks.

The brakes now have larger rotors for improved performance and stylish looks. And to curb things, royal blue brakes stand out. Fifteen-spoke gunmetal wheels not only show off the brakes, but add to the overall street aesthetic.

Sport truck concepts, whether from manufacturers or fans, are always interesting and inspiring. Doing more only helps the industry and delights fans alike. Given these changes and modifications, the render succeeds in presenting the possibilities of a Ford Tremor Sport.

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