The UFC broadcast team receives ABC’s iconic Wide World of Sports blazers

The UFC broadcast team on ABC 3 will be sporting a classic look from the network on Saturday.

One of the best sports television shows in history, ABC’s Wide World of Sports is not only known for its award-winning programs, hosts and commentators. The program introduced the iconic yellow blazer look with a huge network logo patch, which quickly became one of the most recognizable looks in sports broadcasting.

On Friday, the UFC broadcast crew on ABC 3, consisting of Jon Anik, Paul Felder, Din Thomas and Megan Olivi, received their own blazers as a surprise gift ahead of the event airing on ABC, which will add a commemorative element to the event at UBS Arena in Elmont, New York

Check out a video of the team receiving their blazers in the video below (via Instagram):

“Day = made,” Anik wrote in the Instagram caption. “Thank you to our incredible @espnmma team for making this possible! I’ll be really honored to wear this to ABC tomorrow.”

ABC’s Emmy-winning host Jim McKay was the first to wear the iconic blazer in the 1960s. The blazer became a staple of ABC’s sports coverage and programming, including Monday Night Football, where the dynamic trio of Howard Cosell, Frank Gifford and Don Meredith heralded the action while wearing the yellow threads. Depending on the event or programming, there were a few different types of network patches.

The ABC blazer became an integral part of Cosell’s character throughout his career. Outside of his real-life sports coverage of football, basketball and boxing, he wore it during guest appearances on the television show The Odd Couple, in which he portrayed himself.

For martial arts fans, it was his antics with boxing legend Muhammad Ali that would leave a lasting image of the yellow jacket in their minds. The pair are known for their hilarious back-and-forth interactions, and for a good amount of it, Cosell wore this iconic yellow blazer.

Whether you love the look or hate it, it’s an undeniable part of ABC sports’ heritage. It’s also pretty cool to see the UFC crew pay homage to the legends before them.

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