The used Ford Fusion Sport: Family fun for all

The Ford Fusion was a remarkably popular model for Ford for a number of years. Although it has been retired by the automaker, this model still holds the hearts of drivers. The more exciting Ford Fusion Sport was a sporty and easy-to-drive midsize sedan that families could love. With more than 300 hp, a spacious interior and lots of technology, is it a good choice for used drivers who like it sportier?

An exciting V6 engine brings plenty of power

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One area where the Ford Fusion Sport stood out was its powertrain. Thanks to a turbocharged 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 engine, the driver and passenger can enjoy 325 hp. This engine can also be found under the hood of some other Ford models, but in this model it felt ideal. It offered plenty of low-end grunt for cruising around town, but could come alive under spirited driving. Squeeze the throttle to roar the engine and see why even the most reticent riders enjoy what this engine offers.

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