University of Sydney Business School Scholarship for Outstanding Academic and Athletic Achievement.

1. Background

a. This scholarship was established in 2012 to recognize and support student-athletes who excel in both their classes and their sport.

2. Eligibility

a. Applicants must be domestic students.

b. Applicants must be beginning or currently enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program administered by the University of Sydney Business School.
I. Freshmen must achieve an ATAR of at least 97,
ii. Currently enrolled applicants must have an annual average of at least 75.

c. Applicants must be a member of the Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness Elite Athlete programme.

3. Selection Criteria

a. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of:

I. Academic Merits and
II. Sporting successes at state and federal level.

b. The scholarship is awarded by the Dean of the University of Sydney Business School or his nominated delegates.

4. value

a. The scholarship is valued at $5000 per year and is valid for one year only.

b. The annual value of the scholarship will be paid in two equal installments after the census date of each semester.

c. Deferral of the scholarship is not permitted and non-transferrable without prior approval.

i.e. The scholarship is awarded subject to the availability of funds.

e. There is no other amount to pay.

5. Ongoing Eligibility

a. To continue receiving the scholarship, the recipient must maintain a minimum Semester Average Grade (SAM) of 65 each semester and enroll in at least two study units each semester at the University of Sydney Business School.

b. Recipients undertaking an exchange during the term of this grant must have achieved a Meets Requirements (SR) grade in order to receive their next payment.

6. Termination

a. The scholarship ends when the recipient:

I. withdraws from an eligible course of study or does not enroll,
II. withdraws from the elite athlete program of the SUSF or is voted out,
III. fails to perform satisfactorily academically or fails to meet the ongoing admission requirement set out in 5.a,
IV. the University is determined to be guilty of serious misconduct, including but not limited to providing false or misleading information as part of its scholarship application,
V. does not resume studies after an approved leave of absence has expired, or
VI. any other provision as specified in these Terms that would result in termination.

b. Once the scholarship has ended, it will not be reinstated unless there is an error by the university.

c. If a student is found guilty of serious misconduct or the scholarship is terminated in any of the circumstances set out in the termination clause of these Terms and Conditions, the University reserves the right to request the refund of any scholarship monies paid to the scholarship recipient.

7. Other Requirements

a. Scholars may be invited to promote the program they are enrolled in, to represent the University of Sydney at student welcome events, marketing events and corporate networking events, and to fulfill the functions of an on-campus business school student ambassador.

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