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(Corydon) – Wayne’s multi-athlete Emily Jones has decided her next stop will be North Iowa Area Community College softball.

Jones, who also competed in volleyball, basketball and throwing while with the Falcons, found a connection to NIACC in Mason City thanks to her travel ball team, the Iowa Bandits.

“A father of my teammate knew the coach,” Jones said. “They gave him my information and I seemed comfortable with his coaching strategy. Everything just felt right.”

Matthew Egger is the NIACC head coach who reached Jones who helped Wayne finish fourth in their junior season.

“[Coach Egger]gave me information about some of the girls that I would live with and some that I’ve played against that are going there,” Jones said. “They all have the same attitude. They’re going to get up there and just get going right away.”

Jones hit .505/.558/.788 with 12 doubles, four home runs and two triples while hitting 39 runs in her junior season.

“I like the small campus[at NIACC],” Jones said, “especially after knee surgery. Just being able to get that little bit back before moving on.

Jones tore her ACL, MCL and meniscus during basketball season, so there are some lingering concerns when she competes in her senior season.

“It was pretty scary,” she said. “I’ve never really had any problems with my knee and I’m still a bit shaky sometimes. It’s gotten a lot better. My physical therapist is great. Sometimes it gets a little tight, but other than that I’m pretty confident.”

Wayne got off to a good 5-0 start and exits a Mount Ayr Tournament championship on Monday. Jones has raced in 10 runs and hits .500/.500/.786 in 14 plate appearances. Her focus right now remains on chasing a state championship in her senior year, but she’s excited to see what focusing on softball all year will bring her at NIACC.

“I think it’s going to give me a lot more time to get in the weight room,” she said. “It has always been difficult to remain consistent with other practices. I really believe it will help me strengthen my knee a lot more. I am looking forward.”

Hear much more with Jones about her college decision in the audio file below.

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