Williams Wires 305 Nationals Final


Ty Williams (photo by Russell Moore)

ODESSA, Mo. — Ty Williams didn’t miss out on another I-70 Motorsports 305 Sprint Car Nationals title.

After leading more than half of last year’s finale before getting stuck in traffic, the Arcadia, Oklahoma racer benefited from pole starting position and was unstoppable as he led all 30 laps to claim the payday’s worth $4,700 including $1,700 in lap money along with the $3,000 showing the winner’s share on the four-tenths-of-a-mile clay oval.

While Williams clinched the lucrative win, JC Morton and Burl Woods both pocketed $1,000 by beating the accompanying USRA B Modified and USRA Stock Car features, respectively.

After Williams redrawn pole position for the championship feature following a heat race win, Williams passed fellow front row rider Jay Russell for the point at the start aboard the Steve Hilker Trucking/ No two laps, to charge from the sixth to the second.
Williams survived four early warnings that kept him out of lapped traffic before the final 19 laps went non-stop.

Williams fended off two attacks from Ferreira on restarts and then extended his lead to almost a straight over Ferriera and Stu Snyder, who fought for nearly 15 laps for second place.

Lapped traffic proved no problem for Williams this time until he got stuck behind a lapped car for several laps on the closing laps. Meanwhile, Ferriera and Snyder began to dig into his lead as they traded second position multiple times.

Williams finally got the lapped car behind on the last few laps to secure the win, while the battle for second place eventually led to a turn four contact that sent Snyder climbing and bouncing off the retaining wall.
Ferriera escaped the battle for second place while Snyder somehow salvaged his machine to salvage show position.

Russell was fifth, Trevor Grossenbacher rounded out the top five while Jon Freeman, 13th starter Curtis Evans, Luke Cranston, Jacob Dye and John Webster completed the top 10. Webster earned a Taylor Weld front hub assembly by being named Hard Charger after rallying from 18th to 10th place.

The end:
Feature (30 laps): 1st 911-Ty Williams (1) [$4,700]2. 45-Monty Ferriera (6) [$2,450]3. 5-Stu Snyder (3) [$1,670]4. 76-Jay Russell (2) [$1,170]5. 35-Trevor Grossenbacher (4) [$800]6. 81-Jon Freeman (8) [$700]7. 1p Rusty Potter (13) [$650]8. 20-Luke Cranston (5) [$600]9. 20d Jacob dye (9) [$550]10. 9-John Webster (20) [$500]11. 17er-Chad Salem (10) [$475]12. 38- Kevin Frisbie (16) [$450]13. 75-Cash Beeson (15) [$425]14. 15-Jack Potter (11) [$400]15. 1-Greg Murry (14) [$400]16. 74v – Howard Van Dyke (12) [$400]17. 88J Jeremy Huish (8) [$510]18. 17-Connor Atkinson (DNA) [$400].

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