7 memorable things from childhood that will INSTANTLY make kids nostalgic for the 90s

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Didn’t all kids of the ’90s at some point brag that their lives were better than those of Gen Z and generations to come? We had simpler lives as technology grew. We didn’t stick our noses in smartphones and we loved playing in the sun (of course it wasn’t 50 degrees). We were also proud of our superhero Shaktiman and loved eating poppins. Even though we didn’t have an endless playlist on Spotify, thanks to our Walkman we knew the lyrics to every banger. But those are just good memories to cherish. Here we bring you 7 such memories that will take you back to your childhood.

door darshan

With only one channel being the only source of entertainment, children would wait hours to see their favorite song on TV, all under the watchful eyes of their parents. There was no personal TV time or cartoon time. Generally children had their TV time on Sunday mornings when Mahabharat, Ramayana and Shaktiman were played on Doordarshan.


Can you imagine how difficult it is to put a Walkman in your pocket! But the kids of the 90s made it. Walkman was a portable audio cassette player and recorder. It was the forerunner of all portable tape and record players that followed. Portable CD players led to the demise of the cassette walkman.


A video cassette recorder (VCR) is a device that records, stores, and plays back television programs on a television using a magnetic tape cassette. VHS is a video cassette format, and VCR is actually the name of a type of player. In the age of OTT, it will be hard to believe that people have been using VCR for the best cinematic experience at home for many years.

hand-operated video games

Before PUBG came around, there were these hand-powered video games. The ‘Classic Brick Game’ was popular with many. The screen offered better visual effects before the mobile games and PlayStations came out.


Green, red and purple! Choose the color you want! Parle’s Poppins was a popular lozenge at the time. Friends would fight for their favorite colored pastille. “Don’t touch what you read, it’s mine.” Snatching the brightest colored poppins was the biggest win back then.


Lattu or spinning top is one of the oldest Desi toys played in India. The lattu spins quickly with the help of a string rope wrapped around its axis, which sets it in motion when pulled quickly.


Days When Marbles Were Cooler Than Marvel. The marble games (Kanche) were something else back then. The game is played with round glass marbles and the motive is to collect as many marbles as possible by shooting and hitting other marbles with your own. In today’s PUBG and PlayStation days, kids have sadly missed out on the traditional games played in India.

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