A disabled boy walks more than 2 km on one leg every day to reach school and aspires to become a doctor

A video of a disabled boy from Jammu and Kashmir has caught the attention of social media users. The footage shows him in school uniform, with a bag on his shoulders and on one leg, walking to his school.

Parvaiz Ahmad Hajam, a resident of Nowgam Mawer village in J&K’s Handwara subdistrict, walks to his school on one leg to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor. Despite his disability, he is determined to continue his academic and extracurricular activities.

Lost limb at age 2

14-year-old Parvaiz is a 9th grade student at Government Secondary School Nowgam. Balancing on one leg, he walks more than 2 kilometers a day to reach school.

The boy reportedly lost his second limb at the early age of 2 to severe burns.

Ghulam Ahmad Hajam, the father of Parvaiz shared his experience that the boy lost his leg to a massive fire at a very tender age. He regretted that he was unfortunately in Baramulla at the time of this incident.

Deteriorated roads in the village

Parvaiz stressed that although the social services provided him with a wheelchair, he could not use it because of the deteriorated condition of the roads in his village.

The boy expressed that he could walk with a prosthesis and achieve something in his life.

He said: “I sweat a lot after I get to school because it’s difficult for me to walk. I pray after school. I love cricket, volleyball and kabaddi. I hope the government will help me to create my future Fire inside me to achieve my dreams,” ANI quoted as saying.

Financial constraints for better treatment

Prvaiz’s father said he was a poor man and his wife had heart disease. He could not afford 3,000 rupees for his son’s treatment, only 50,000 rupees and had to sell his property.

Ghulam added: “I appeal to the government to help Parvaiz for his future. He is a good learner and loves to play cricket. He is not involved in any wrongdoing.”

The boy said that while he finds it difficult to see his friends walking right, he is thankful that God has given him strength.

Parvaiz also asked the government to provide him with a suitable artificial limb or other means of transportation that would help him travel to school and other destinations. The amputation was performed by doctors in a hospital, for which I had to pay a huge sum of money. My father had to sell his property for my treatment.

Help poured in from Jaipur Foot

As soon as Parvaiz’s video went viral on social media, Jaipur Foot USA helped the boy by providing him with an artificial limb for free.

Responding to ANI’s Twitter post, Prem Bhandari, the organization’s chairman, said: “As soon as I read ANI’s tweet, I decided to contact the family. I will provide Parvaiz with an artificial limb for free.”

Jaipur Foot is an NGO that provides physical, economic and social rehabilitation for people with disabilities so that they can regain mobility and dignity and live with self-respect in society.

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