Angry Kate Middleton fan calls on Twitter to stop Harry and Meghan from trending on Jubilee

A real life Karen has gone viral on Twitter after urging the social media giant to fix their algorithm so future monarchs Prince William and Kate Middleton are trending – rather than Harry and Meghan.

Since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived back in the UK yesterday (June 1) for the first time since 2020, legions of fans have been eagerly watching their every move.

In comparison, the attention given to the second in line to the throne, William, has been scant – despite his expected leading role in the Trooping of the Color today (2 June).

And for a Cambridges fan, the “disgusting” situation wouldn’t exist.

Karen was angry

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To her account, mega-fan @Karencambridge yelled, “Twitter, fix your trending topics.”

In a flash, a helpful bot came and asked Karen what she meant before getting a quick slap in the face.

Karen yelled in response: “I find it disgusting that Meghan and Harry are trending during the Queen’s Jubilee while William and Catherine, the future King and Queen, are not.

“Could you please fix your algorithm?”

Karen was outraged that William and Kate had been ignored

The exchange was picked up by Royal pundit Omid Scobie, who reposted it saying: “Karen would like to speak to the manager.”

This inadvertently sparked a civil war between supporters of the House of Cambridge and the Sussex Squad.

In a stinging broadside attack on Karen, a Harry fan wrote: “You’re more popular sweetie, that means ‘trending’. Take up several seats.”

A source close to Kate and Will shot back: “She’s right; #MeghanAndHarry are trending all week.”

Things soon got ugly when one person even compared Karen to a trash can.

The Sussex Squad fought to the death

The Sussex Squad gushed in and defended Twitter, claiming their unchecked adoration of the pair means they are committed to the trend

One cackled: “The jealousy is clear! It’s not Twitter’s fault that Harry and Meghan are way more popular than you-know-who.”

Finally, a rare voice of reason in the thread highlighted how ridiculous the argument was.

They said, ‘Oh my God! Now I’ve heard it all…some people won’t survive this anniversary.”

Whether or not Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton will discuss the looming Twitter war when they meet at Trooping of the Color today is unknown.

Harry and Meghan will gather on the balcony near Horse Guards Parade with the Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Cornwall, while Prince Charles and Prince William lead the parade.

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