Breath of the Wild is trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons

It’s obvious that the hype is around The Legend of Zelda: breath of the wild is not something that can ever die. We are now at a point where the last major zelda Title has achieved the legendary status we always knew it would.

breath of the wild is one of the most popular games of all time, and when the Nintendo Switch’s life is over, we’ll remember it as one of its greatest commitments to gaming. Everyone’s still pumping it out on social media, with clips of the game still being a big part of Gaming Twitter.

Why is Breath of the Wild trending on Twitter?

Oddly enough, breath of the wild is trendy for a different reason. And that’s one reason that probably doesn’t bode well for SEGA. A brand new teaser for Sonic Frontiers has sprung into action, giving us our first-ever look at the gameplay for what could be the game-changing game in the series.

That limits The gameplay has garnered a lot of attention, but it’s not particularly in SEGA’s favour. Basically, breath of the wild is trending on Twitter because so many users have compared the game’s aesthetic to that of the cult game zelda Title. whoops

To be fair to those fans, next sound Game looks relatively similar. Coupled with an expansive wild at the heart of the game – and the promise of an open-world experience – even its color scheme seems very familiar. Well, if you can’t beat her…

The game was compared to breath of the wild since the teaser trailer first launched, which was simply a cinematic look at Sonic whizzing through a wooded area. Now we have more confirmation of that Sonic Frontiers takes inspiration from what is well zeldagreatest achievement.

When will we learn more about Sonic Frontiers?

According to the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account that originally shared the small preview of the game, more info to come Sonic Frontiers comes out this month via IGN and its IGN First cover story.

There is much more to learn about what is to come zelda – we mean sound – game, and we’re fascinated to see the adventure title take shape in a way that doesn’t just make it look like it’s about to tear down breath of the wild. Although many fans have already decided, there is a chance sound can develop its own identity. And we hope that we will succeed in breaking the mold.

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