Coffee Briefing August 2, 2022 – Mastercard Launches Changeworks; Zoho Celebrates Growth and Expansion; Trending technical skills in Canada; and more

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What’s new this week

Zoho celebrates growth milestones and focuses on expansion

Zoho Corporation, a global technology company, announced that it achieved a 38 percent year-on-year growth rate and surpassed 80 million users.

In addition to its global expansion, the company is focused on expanding its product portfolio and investing in automotive, robotics and telemedicine technologies.

In the last two years, the company also opened 59 new global hub-and-spoke offices in rural areas and small towns to expand support to local communities and diversify its markets.

In addition to expanding into markets in Canada, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa, Zoho has announced plans to open 100 new small offices in rural areas across India over the next few years.

QuadFi Announces First Borderless Credit Solution to Drive Immigrant Financial Inclusion

Source: QuadFi

Toronto-based fintech firm QuadFi has announced a new borderless lending solution, independent of FICO scores, designed to enable new immigrants across North America and beyond to access products and credit regardless of their financial history.

QuadFi’s ability to extend credit to newcomers, assessed using alternative data such as education and income levels, as well as open banking information, has resulted in over 500 percent monthly growth in its loan portfolio. The company serves newcomers from Mexico, Nigeria and the Philippines and plans to add more countries to the list.

“From a global perspective, the challenges we face – from international conflicts to climate change – can only be met through human ingenuity. Our contribution at QuadFi is to use data science to support the free flow of people, talent and ideas to thrive across borders,” he said dr Manny Nikjoo, co-founder and chief executive officer of QuadFi.

Mastercard launches program to accelerate the work of Canadian non-profit organizations

Source: CNW Group/Mastercard

Mastercard created Changeworks, a program to help Canadian non-profits on their digital transformation journey.

CanadaHelps is the first recipient of Mastercard Changeworks Anchor Grants. The grant will fund the development and piloting of a new program called CanadaHelps’ Charity Growth Academy. This will help small and medium-sized charities to use technology and data to transform their strategies, operations and fundraisers.

Mastercard Changeworks’ primary mission is to support Canadian nonprofit organizations by helping them improve their technology and data skills. The program will launch with a specific focus on non-profit organizations in the field of entrepreneurship, particularly those supporting indigenous and immigrant/newcomer small business owners.

Canada’s retailers now have a “one-stop” platform for accessing up-to-date data

Source: RCC

The Retail Council of Canada (RCC) recently launched the Retail Pulse Dashboard, an initiative developed by KPMG Canada to enable Canadian retailers to access a range of information across multiple retail sectors, geographies and time periods.

The platform collects and consolidates data from various sources, including Statistics Canada, on everything from national retail sales and employment figures to economic data and consumer spending, according to a press release.

Kostya Polyakov, national industry leader for consumer and retail at KPMG in Canada, said the platform “gathers and delivers near real-time and real-time industry intelligence on the metrics that matter to retailers so they can make better, more informed business decisions.”

RCC member Sarah Jordan, CEO of Mastermind Toys, a retailer with 68 locations across the country, described it as a “game changer” and said: “To remain competitive and growth-oriented, it is crucial for us to have multiple channels, to get the insights we need so we can continually refine and innovate our brand storytelling and customer experiences.”

Top tech skills Canadians are currently learning

Source: Udemy

Udemyan open online course provider aimed at working adults and students recently released its Workplace Learning Skills Index, which provides quarterly data-driven insights into what people are learning around the world. The Index highlights some of the most popular skills Canadians have focused on over the past quarter.

Top Canada Skills include Cloud Computing, Data Cleansing, Microsoft PL-300, Microsoft Office, 3D Game Development and Unreal Engine.

Some of the best global technical skills include Microsoft SC-200 (Securities Operations Analyst), Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics and Microsoft Azure IoT.

More to discover

The Vector Institute welcomes three new partners to its AI ecosystem

Toronto-based nonprofit Vector Institute has added three new partners to its artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem to drive research and innovation and strengthen the economy.

Updated: Cisco Webex suffers a major incident

As of approximately 1:20 p.m. ET Thursday, Cisco Webex app users have been unable to access the service.

Top Women in Cybersecurity: How to Succeed and Grow in the Industry

While there are still challenges in finding opportunities for women and young girls in the cybersecurity industry, a path is being paved and doors are opening, panellists said IT world Canada‘s Top Women in Cyber ​​Security event.

Canada’s Top Women in Cybersecurity Celebration: The Honorees

The Top Women in Cybersecurity Celebration is an initiative of IT world Canada in partnership with the Canada chapter of the Women in Security & Resilience Alliance (WISECRA) and the Women in Security Forum to honor the women who have advanced Canada’s security industry. Here are the 20 award winners from this year’s event.

Microsoft announces a major feature update for teams at Inspire 2022

Microsoft Teams received a feature update at Microsoft Inspire 2022. Here are the biggest updates available now or coming in the near future.

Concerns about deepfakes are rising as Samsung researchers produce new, unusual twists

Deepfakes are back in the news after reports that a group of researchers working at the Samsung AI Center in Moscow have launched an initiative called Mega Portraits.

Advice to CISOs: Don’t shoulder everything

With an increasing number of cyber threats targeting their organizations and dealing with tight budgets, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) can feel a crushing burden on their shoulders.

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