Do you know the “life-changing” spacebar hack?

Have you ever been frustrated with deleting an entire text message on your cell phone to correct a mistake? There is a chop Already exists.

Many are familiar with the hack and a clip showing a man learning the trick has intrigued many users.

The clip, shared by TBSkyen’s Twitter account, begs the question: “How old were you when you discovered the spacebar on your phone isn’t just for spaces!”

The man types “make a mistake” and swipes the spacebar left. The cursor moves like a mouse pointer, leaving the man surprised. “You’re joking,” says the man.

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While some users said they already knew, others referred to the hack as “life changing” and expressed regret at not having been aware of it all these years. “I wasted YEARS of my life,” commented one user. Another user wrote, “This just changed my whole life.”

One user who knew about the hack wrote: “iPhone problem, it used to annoy me SO much not being able to click anywhere in the text when typing something on an iPhone that I googled it and found this out. “

The keyboard feature has been available on iPhones since 2015 Independently Report.

Previously, a Twitter user, Krissy Brierre-Davis, left many users baffled when she shared the hack in 2018. “How come you guys never told me this iPhone trick? I feel betrayed,” Brierre-Davis tweeted.

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