“Doomscrolling” is Shashi Tharoor’s “Word of the Era”

congress leader Shashi Tharoorwhich often leaves netizens scratching their heads with rarely used English words, Tuesday shared what he dubbed the “word of the era.”

Citing the Merriam Webster Dictionary, Tharoor said the use of the word doomscrolling has increased. The MP helpfully shared the meaning of the word as well. Doomscrolling means constantly searching and reading bad news. He also said that increased consumption of negative news can cause political depression and affect mental well-being.

“Word of the Era! Merriam Webster Dictionary says they’re seeing the growing use of this term (along with “doomsurfing”). Increased consumption of mostly negative news could have negative psychological effects in addition to political depression…” Tharoor tweeted.

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While some users approved of Tharoor, others voiced criticism. “In recent years, amid the global coronavirus pandemic, a rise in armed conflict and mounting economic woes, doom scrolling has grown exponentially. Throwing the phone away every once in a while and going out usually helps,” one user commented.

Recently, the Thiruvananthapuram MP slammed the Ministry of Railways by saying: quomodocunquize. The man, known for his extensive vocabulary, also posted a note with the meaning of the word – to make money by any means possible. He tagged the Ministry of Railways and wrote, “Obscure Words Deptt: Must the Indian Railways quomodocunquize?”

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