Elon Musk spoke of putting humans on Mars in 2011, netizens are asking for an update

Elon Musk, often in the messages for his tweets and bold business movesHe made headlines again. This time for something the Tesla CEO said almost a decade ago.

On Tuesday, a Twitter user known as @steinkobbe shared a tweet with a link to an interview Elon Musk gave in December 2011 Sending People to Mars in 10 Years.

That video interview was taken by journalist Alan Murray for the Wall Street Journal. While discussing SpaceX, Murray Musk asked, “When are you going to send your first man or woman to other planets?” Musk said: “We’re going to Mars. Best case in 10 years, worst case 10 to 15 years”.

Almost a decade later, that interview went viral. A YouTube user commented on the video and wrote: “10 years have passed, how is Elon?”.

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Commenting on Musk’s ambitious time estimate, one Twitter user wrote: “I’m guessing that’s just the billionaire version of engineers, ‘this feature will take me 3-4 days to implement’.”

On social media, many people criticized Musk and other billionaires like Jeff Bezos for spending millions of dollars on space exploration projects when that money can be used to solve real-world problems. However, some defended Musk, appreciating the groundbreaking results SpaceX has achieved over the past few years.

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