#EmmanuelDontDoIt: Adorable emu video bombs janitor, clip goes viral

A video of an emu interrupting its keeper has gone viral on social media. The video shows Taylor Blake, a zoo keeper working at Knuckle Bump Farms, a hobby farm in South Florida, USA, trying to record educational videos but being constantly interrupted by an emu named Emmanuel.

In a compilation of clips, Emmanuel can be seen entering the frame and hovering near the camera while being reprimanded by Blake, who warns the bird. “Emmanuel, don’t do it,” Blake says.

In one clip, a frustrated Blake gives in and Emmanuel knocks the camera to the ground, nudging it with his beak. In response, Blake says, “How does that feel? Was it everything you ever wanted and hoped for in life? Do you feel fulfilled now?”.

The compilation of Emmanuel’s constant interruptions, first posted on Blake’s TikTok account, recently went viral on Twitter with over 17.9 million views.

Netizens, excited by the Emmanuel and Blake connection, began using the #EmmanuelDontDoIt to tweet about the emu’s antics.

While sharing a close-up of Emmanuel’s face, one Twitter user wrote: “I don’t want to alarm you but I love Emmanuel! Look at that face! #EmmanuelDontDoIt”.

Tony Moss, a professor at London South Bank University, also tweeted about the flightless bird’s shenanigans, writing: “My kids have ‘pulled an Emmanuel’ every time I’ve been home trying to record lectures during lockdown . Usually 2 minutes before the end. #AcademicTwitter #EmmanuelDontDoIt“.

On Sunday, Blake shared a video of her and Emmanuel wearing matching hats and wrote, “Emmanuel heard on Twitter about the love he’s getting and had to bow to you guys real quick.”

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