Hashtag Trending August 3 – China’s new power grid AI; TikTok Outperforms Facebook in Influencer Marketing Spending; Anti-piracy ads may not work

China is using new AI to manage its power grid, TikTok to overtake Facebook in influencer marketing spend, and anti-piracy ads could encourage piracy.

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China has unleashed powerful AI to manage its complex and vast power grid. According to a report in the daily Science and Technology, the AI ​​can recover from a blackout in as little as three seconds, depending on the problem. The system uses an extensive network of sensors, each with their own automatic power management technology. When a power outage occurs, the sensors work together to identify the fault location, isolate the problem, and reroute power to minimize downtime, all without human intervention. This is made possible by the AI ​​system, which uses natural language processing to understand the diagnosis generated by the sensors and then applies a solution. This new system has so far been tested in one community and will soon be deployed more widely.

Even as TikTok’s popularity increases, Instagram still leads the way when it comes to influencer marketing. According to a new report, in 2022 Instagram is expected to take three times the influencer marketing spend compared to TikTok. To put it in numbers, that’s $2.23 billion in just one year. That’s good news for Meta, and it probably would have celebrated had it not been for the looming threat of TikTok overtaking Facebook on the same metric. Insider Intelligence researchers expect TikTok to surpass Facebook in influencer market spend this year, and then YouTube by 2024.

Anti-piracy ads may have caused the opposite effect. A study published in The Information Society claims that anti-piracy campaigns tend to exaggerate the nature of the crimes committed and the losses suffered by the entertainment industry. Another component of the contradictory behavior seems to be that pirates don’t see themselves as crimes or doing anything wrong at all. The broadcasting environment also plays a role. The study advises against playing anti-piracy ads in cinemas because viewers have already paid for their rights to view the media.

Stanford University researchers have created a human-like robot that has almost the same finesse for handling underwater excavations. Dubbed OceanOneK, the robot has hands designed to handle delicate relics recovered from shipwrecks and caves. And thanks to its study frame, it can safely work in places that are too dangerous for humans. It features a touch-based feedback system that allows the operator to feel what the robot is touching.

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