Hashtag Trending July 20 – Netflix Silver Lining; Snapchat for desktop; Apple settles keyboard lawsuit

Netflix is ​​losing fewer subscribers than expected, Snapchat is coming to desktop, and Apple settles a class-action lawsuit over MacBook keyboards.

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The numbers are at Netflix HQ and it didn’t look pretty. In its second-quarter earnings call on Tuesday, the company said it lost another 970,000 subscribers. While it’s bad news, it’s actually far below what Netflix originally anticipated. The streaming platform said earlier this year that it expects to lose up to 2 million subscribers. Additionally, the company remains bullish on the third quarter when it forecasts that its subscriber base will grow again. Netflix is ​​also trying various ways to improve its bottom line, including the planned introduction of an ad-supported tier that won’t give users access to all of the platform’s content at launch.

Source: forbes, 9to5Mac

Snapchat has finally arrived on the desktop. The new feature called Snapchat for Web allows users to make calls or chat right from their computers. Initially, the feature is only locked to users with a Snapchat+ subscription, which costs $4 per month to access premium features. The feature isn’t ready for prime time just yet, but Snap promises it will arrive in the US, UK, and Canada soon. Interestingly, this feature will be released to all Snapchat users in Australia and New Zealand even without a subscription.

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Apple has settled a $50 million class action lawsuit over its butterfly keyboards on older MacBook laptops. The lawsuit claimed that Apple knew about the keyboard’s reliability issues but chose to install it on devices anyway. Although the thin switch strayed a few millimeters from the laptop’s thickness, it was notoriously delicate and prone to jamming. The keyboard was primarily used on MacBooks sold between 2015 and 2019. Despite Apple’s efforts to increase reliability, the company eventually gave up and switched to the new Magic Keyboard for 2020. Affected users could be eligible for a payout ranging from $50 to $395.

Source: Wired

As electric cars continue to gain traction, the industry is now eyeing aviation. Rolls-Royce and Hyundai are collaborating to develop an electric propulsion system for aircraft. The joint project hopes to have a working demo by 2025. Rolls-Royce has been making aircraft engines since 1915, and Hyundai has identified air mobility as a significant area of ​​investment for the company in the years to come. Their motivation to transform air travel is outclassed by other transportation companies like Honda, Toyota, and General Motors.

Source: TechCrunch

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