Hashtag Trending May 31 – Tesla Car Catches Fire; US Wins Supercomputer Crown; Samsung is shutting down smartphone production

Canadian authorities are investigating a Tesla that caught fire, the US has built the world’s fastest supercomputer and Samsung has reportedly lowered its phone production targets.

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Canadian authorities are investigating a Tesla electric vehicle that caught fire in Vancouver. Video of the incident showed the vehicle’s interior caught fire a few minutes after the smoking started. According to the Guardian, the driver of the vehicle had to smash his window to escape because all systems became unresponsive. The blaze was eventually extinguished by firefighters, who arrived five minutes after the fire started. Transport Canada has notified Tesla of the incident and will be conducting an inspection with the company to determine the cause.

According to the Top500 ranking, the USA now once again has the fastest supercomputer in the world. Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Frontier system beat the previous champion, Japan’s Fugaku supercomputer, by more than twice the performance in Linmark. Built using HPE’s Cray EX platform and AMD’s CPUs, the Frontier system is the world’s first exascale computer. It’s also the most environmentally friendly in terms of performance per watt, earning another top spot in the Green500 list.

Samsung is set to cut phone production by 30 million in 2022 due to falling demand, supply chain problems and conflict in Ukraine. In addition, rising inflation has also reduced consumers’ appetite for luxury goods. In response to these factors, the company has reportedly reduced its production target to 280 million from 310 million. Samsung isn’t alone when it comes to reducing production targets. Earlier this year, it was also reported that Apple had scaled back its iPhone SE production by 20 percent.

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter has returned dramatic video of its 25th flight, during which it flew faster than ever, according to the space agency. The vehicle flew 704 meters at 12 miles per hour and recorded its journey with its downward-facing navigation camera. All Ingenuity flights are autonomous. It relies on a ranger finder, an inertial sensor, and the navigation camera to “see” its route. NASA mission leaders had recently lost communications with the helicopter after it went into a low power state. Now that it’s been charged via its solar array, it wants to continue its flight experiments.

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