Here’s why #ArrestNupurSharma is trending across the internet; Times Now’s Navika Kumar has been accused of promoting Islamophobia

Angry netizens on Friday called for the arrest of BJP spokesman Nupur Sharma and Times Now editor Navika Kumar. While Sharma has been accused of insulting the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the controversial Times Now anchor has been criticized for providing her platform to promote Islamophobia. The hashtag #ArrestNupurSharma has been trending prominently on Twitter since Friday.

A video of Sharma mocking the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) during a TV broadcast has gone viral. In the viral video, Sharma was seen addressing a Muslim panelist as she said: “Should I start making fun of what’s in your Quran?”

Navika remained unperturbed and did not feel the need to interrupt the BJP spokeswoman, even as she continued to insult Prophet Muhammad and Islam.

Angry netizens demanded her arrest and crackdown on Navika.

Sharma later tweeted that she had received death threats. “@CPDelhi please note that @zoo_bear is solely responsible who, instead of “fact checking” peddled a fake narrative to spoil the atmosphere, cause communal disharmony and communal and targeted hatred towards me and to cause my family.”

Navika, who didn’t respond during the TV show when Sharma made offensive comments about Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), later tweeted in support of the BJP spokeswoman, writing: “No one has the right to threaten anyone. Death threats against @NupurSharmaBJP are unacceptable. Since a mature democratic debate is imperative, it is not okay for anyone to cross the line.”

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