“Inappropriate and cheesy”: Queen Elizabeth’s portraits at Stonehenge annoy internet users

to appreciate Queen Elizabeth the second while she Platinum Anniversary During the celebrations, portraits of the British monarch were projected onto the prehistoric monument of Stonehenge. However, the “intriguing tribute” didn’t go down well with netizens, who called it “lame” and “weird.”

The world-famous prehistoric monument is considered a “sacred landscape” and the use and significance of the site has long been debated.

Sharing a photo of the Queen’s portraits projected onto Stonehenge, the heritage’s official Twitter account tweeted: “Our mesmerizing tribute to Her Majesty the #Queen! To celebrate the #PlatinumJubilee, we projected eight portraits of Queen Elizabeth II onto Stonehenge.”

Sky News reported that one photo showed the Queen at her coronation in 1953 and another showed her horseback riding in the 1960s. The photo showing her in yellow clothes is from a trip to Mexico in 1975 and another shows her walking dog Corgis in 1980. Two recent pictures are from the Royal Windsor Horse Show in 2017 and a visit to King’s College .

According to the Daily Star, Stonehenge has been a site of religious importance to the pagan community since the 12th century. Netizens were quick to ridicule the Queen’s portraits, with some users cracking jokes while others delivered harsh criticism.

One user commented: “And did you ask or give any thought to the pagan community of Britain to whom the stones are sacred before you did so? Almost certainly not. Have you remembered that the stones were erected by our pagan ancestors eons before the Norman kings? HAVE SOME RESPECT!!!”

Another user wrote, “This is not only a disgusting display of toadie, but an inappropriate and cheesy desecration of an ancient monument.”

“That probably upset me more than it should. It’s Stonehenge, a place of ancient pagan celebrations, a place of tranquility to watch the solstice. We’re really lost,” wrote a third user.

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