Is Insights Network (INSTAR) trending lower or higher on Tuesday?

InvestorsObserver gives Insights Network an average long-term technical score of 51 from its research. The proprietary rating system takes into account the historical trading patterns of the last few months to a year of the coin’s support and resistance levels, in addition to where it sits relative to the long-term averages. The analysis helps determine if this is a strong buy-and-hold investment opportunity for traders right now. INSTAR currently has a superior long-term technical analysis value than 51% of the cryptos in circulation. Long-term rank is most relevant for buy-and-hold investors looking for strong, steady growth when allocating their wealth. The combination of a high long-term and short-term technical score will also help portfolio managers spot coins that have bottomed.

Long term technical - 51
InvestorsObserver gives Insights Network a long-term technical rank of 51. Find out what that means for you and get the rest of the Insights Network rankings!

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Trade Analysis

INSTAR is currently -$0.0139838 (-60.76%) below its 100-day moving average price of $0.023013613 with its current price of $0.009029832. Meanwhile, Insights Network is up $0.0007989 (-133532.03%) from its 52-week low of $0.008230962 and down by -$0.12823010 (-7278.87%) from its 52-week high of $0.137259930. The current price relative to its moving average and 52-week high and low results in an average long-term technical score of 51. Trends for Insights Network’s long-term trading history suggest that traders are currently neutral on the coin. No volume and market cap data is currently available for INSTAR. The lack of available data is usually a sign that either a new coin or token is being launched, or one with extremely low volume and value that is not being picked up by leading data providers. No recorded volume or market cap usually correlates with high volatile coins which may not be the best investment choice for the majority of investors. However, those looking for newer cryptos might find coins like Insights Network particularly intriguing.


Trading patterns over the past year for Insights Network resulted in the coin’s average long-term technical score of 51, as its consistency, volatility and relationship to long-term moving averages have given investors reason to be neutral on the coin. Click here for the full Report on Insights Network (INSTAR).

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