Is Joe Johnson still on the Boston Celtics roster ahead of the 2022 NBA Finals?

The Boston Celtics are gearing up for another NBA Finals appearance, but is Joe Johnson still on the team’s roster? Why did he play for her in December?

The 2022 NBA Championship will go to either Boston or San Francisco as the Celtics take on the Golden State Warriors in the best-of-seven series.

It starts on June 2nd and could last until June 19th – in case the crucial Game 7 decider is needed.

The Celtics are looking for their first championship since 2008 – while the Warriors are looking for their fourth in eight seasons as the Steph Curry era is in full swing.

Ahead of the NBA Finals, some are wondering if Joe Johnson is on the Boston Celtics roster and still playing for the team that drafted him over 20 years ago?

Why did he play in a regular season game for the team back in December 2021?

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Is Joe Johnson still on the Boston Celtics roster?

‘Iso Joe’ was first drafted into the NBA by the Celtics in 2001 from college basketball.

The Arkansas native plays as a shooting guard/small forward and was the 10th overall pick in the first round.

A seven-time All-Star and a career-high 20,000-point scorer, Johnson also played for the Phoenix Suns, Atlanta Hawks, Miami Heat and the Houston Rockets until his retirement in 2018.

However, in late 2021 he came out of retirement on a 10-day contract for the Celtics amid a COVID-19 outbreak.

He played against the Cleveland Cavaliers some 19 years, 305 days after leaving the Celtics roster – and scored a basket in a 111-101 win.

However, a search of the Boston Celtics roster reveals that Joe Johnson is not on the roster ahead of the NBA Finals as his 10-day contract was not renewed.

What happens if the Celtics win?

Should the Boston Celtics win the NBA Finals, each player and team member will receive a championship ring.

It is usually up to the team itself to award the championship rings.

They are usually handed out to players who are on the list at the time of winning – something Joe Johnson is not.

For example, if the Celtics sold Al Horford to the Denver Nuggets midseason, he wouldn’t be able to claim a ring.

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