Japanese companies want to introduce “sleeping boxes” for offices, netizens unimpressed

The work culture in Japan is notorious for being hectic, and employees routinely work shifts longer than 10 hours, resulting in sleep deprivation.

To address this problem, two Japanese companies have teamed up to develop “nap boxes” that allow employees to sleep upright like a “flamingo.”

Tokyo-based furniture company Itoki and plywood company Koyoju Gohan will collaborate to create the shell-like structures Help for sleep deprived workers.

According to a Bloomberg report, the “sleeping box” is said to be designed to “comfortably support a person’s head, knees and buttocks to prevent the person from falling over.”

While discussing her product, Saeko Kawashima, Itoki’s communications director, told Bloomberg, “In Japan, there are a lot of people who lock themselves in the bathroom for a while, which I don’t think is healthy. It is better to sleep somewhere comfortable.”

While the price and market availability of the “nap box” are unknown, their design images have been released online.

Many netizens pointed out that the product looked like an “exhaustion coffin” and called the idea “dystopian”.

In a tweet about the product, one person wrote, “Japanese companies will literally build sleeping coffins before they let you work less than 60 hours a week.”

Another remarked: “Healthy work culture: ‘Let’s not look at the crazy hours and overly hierarchical management structures! Let’s just sleep in an upright coffin like Dracula!'”.

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